12 Men on The Field

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By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

1. Top 5 Power Rankings:

  • 1. Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2. Atlanta Falcons
  • 3. New England Patriots
  • 4. Green Bay Packers
  • 5. Denver Broncos

2. I told you.

Dalvin Cook was always the best of the three main backs in the draft, and he’s proving it. 4.7 YPC and 82 YPG. The real deal.

3. Titan of a problem.

I like the Tennessee Titans a lot this weekend. The defense is legitimate, Marcus Mariotta continues to grow, they have one of the best two men backfields, and they have an insanely underrated offensive line. So what is the problem? The Houston Texan’s are a good team, and I think they will be a playoff team. So how can I have them at 1-3? I don’t know, but that’s the reality. I’m taking Tennessee.

4. Can’t Play Him.

Derek Carr’s Week 3 struggles are not a reason to panic, though I am down on them overall. But this week? In Denver? Cannot start him.

5. Chris Carson train still chugging.

Prosise is out this week and Carson keeps producing. Get him, start him.

6. The protests last week….

Well done NFL, Well done.

7. I have a poll up on my Twitter now @RyanWhitfieldNE, does Atlanta or Kansas City stay undefeated?

The answer is both. How’s that for a boring prediction.

8. I’m begrudgingly taking Jacksonville this weekend as I said on last night’s podcast.

But, God does this feel like the perfect time for Blake Bortles and Jacksonville to throw up all over themselves.

9. Willie Snead is not your savior.

Rumors of Snead’s demise in role have been widely reported. Brandon Coleman and Alvin Kamara’s emergence leave less targets to go around.

10. Tom Freaking Brady.

1,092 yards, 8 touchdowns, 0 picks, and a QBR of 121.5. Did you know he’s 40?

11. Knock Knock.

23 attempts, 77 yards, 3.3 YPC and 0 Touchdowns. Guess who? Adrian Peterson. Told you he was done. Thank you all for wasting my time this offseason with stories of this over the hill, child beating, ego maniac’s potential landing spots.

12. Giant Prediction.

0-4. Eli and McAdoo are not at helm in the Big Apple to start 2018.