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Ha Kung Wong (Editor-in-Chief & Writer)

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Ha Kung (which rhymes with raccoon, and whose first name is not “Ha”, nor does it rhyme with “Bah”) has been a hopeless Chicago sports fan since he was a wee lad and heard the Super Bowl Shuffle. Except for the White Sox, no one in Chicago likes them except for President Obama. Ha Kung went to school at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Notre Dame, so he’s also a hopeless Illini and Irish fan. And yes, he did overpay to go watch his beloved Irish get beat by the Tide in the 2012 BCS Championship game. Ha Kung is addicted to fantasy sports (including football, basketball, baseball, hockey and, yes, even NASCAR) and ESPN…er…I mean [insert any outlet that likes to syndicate us]. Ha Kung specializes on covering the Chicago Bears and keeping tabs on his arch rival, the Green Bay Packers, but he’s been known to keep up with anything even vaguely NFL related, including news from the CFL (or Arena Football if he gets really desperate). He also enjoys long walks on the beach and dramatic movies. Oh wait, wrong profile.

Feel free to follow him and his senseless rants on Twitter at @FBGarbageTime. He makes no guarantees that this won’t eventually make you hate Twitter and delete the app from your phone. He also welcomes challengers on both Xbox and Playstation (both, also Rhihan). He accepts requests (and questions about fantasy sports) at FootballGarbageTime@gmail.com.

If you’re interested Ha Kung’s Articles from “Football Extra Points”, if for nothing else, because you like to give him a hard time, you can check them out at the button below!

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Scott King (Executive Consultant & Contributor)

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Scott is the creator of Football Extra Points.com and host of Football Extra Points on RF Sports Radio. Scott is a lifelong sports fan and obsessed follower of the Detroit Lions. He follows all sports but focuses on the NFL. He’s a member of the FWSA.  He’s also responsible for making Football Garbage Time possible!



John Kirkland (Senior Staff Writer)

I am a married father of several young’ins. I have a minivan and reside in the burbs. So yeah, I’m living the dream y’all …. Anyway, I live for NFL Sundays and negotiating with the kids for tv time. Persuading them to watch NFL football instead of Peppa Pig or Max and Ruby is challenging. One trick that I employed this past season was to buy everyone in the family NY Giants jerseys (or bedazzled NY Giants shirts for the girls) and have them laid out and ready to be worn first thing Sunday morning so that come 1PM, everyone was mentally ready and excited to watch football. I must say, it did work relatively well.

My current day job requires me to be precise, accurate, and staid. Actually, it is quite similar to my previous day job where I pretended to be a scientist. When I am living life, I play trucks, Barbies, American Girl Doll, Super Grover and other games with my kids; every once in a while my creative outlets get to be writing fiction and cooking. And if you are wondering, yes, I’m a much better cook than I am a writer. So, I guess my plan to write a book, get it published, have oodles and oodles of people read it only to have it later become an instant cinematic classic, which would allow me to retire, buy a yacht, eat lots of red meat and get gout is mostly a pipe dream, but at least I still have one.

My goal with GarbageTalk is to make people smile for a few minutes a day. I may sprinkle in advice to dudes with kids (not that I have much), touch on politically sensitive subjects to contribute to relevant conversations, come up with rap lyrics, push exercise for all and give cooking advice. We’ll see how it goes. Hope you enjoy.

Jason Johnson (Contributing Writer)

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Jason is a Tar Heel Born, and a Tar Heel Bred. Oh, he also likes the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. A Southern transplant living in New York, he does all he can to hold onto the dream. Although New York is a great mecca of sports, he’s a loyal follower of North Carolina sports teams. He grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan, but the Panthers are his one and only team now—well, as long as Tony Romo is still quarterback. Being in New York, he misses good, down home Southern cookin’, especially BBQ—the food, not the cooking apparatus. It’s tough for yankees to get that sometimes 😉 He’s also a huge NASCAR fan who was lucky enough to grow up going to a ton of races and some great tracks (here’s to you Rockingham). You will get to hear about all of this and more in his musings! Feel free to follow him twitter @oldnorthstate74. No guarantees on relevant content there.

Joanne Kong (Senior Artist & Senior Staff Writer)

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Joanne writes.  And draws.  And acts as the agent for Cub (of “What’s Your Deal?…with Cub” fame).

Bobby Pierson (Senior Artist & Contributing Writer)

Bobby is an Eagles fan. But the Bills occupy a soft spot in his heart. Bobby provides non-traditional analysis and contextual insight to every play. For example, when your team’s X-factor is in the game [e.g., Darren Sproles], it is best to move the ottoman to the side and secure any open containers. Nailed it.

Ryan Whitfield (Senior Staff Writer)

myAvatarFootball was my first true love, and no matter where life takes me, football will be there. I’ve written for Football Garbage Time since 2014 and have been a co-host on our incredibly entertaining podcast since 2015. I’m certainly no expert but have continued working on my craft by contributing to profootballfocus.com, fantasypros.com, sbnation.com, & nfltalkingheads.com. My football passions include hard-hitting defense, reminding you that running back’s and diva wide receivers are overrated, and team composition. I’m the resident Patriots fan here, but I like to think I’m a pretty fair and level headed Patriots guy. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I just led the #1 ranked youth indoor flag football defense in my local town league, kind of a big deal. Follow me on Twitter @RyanWhitfieldNE.

Joey Alibro (Senior Staff Writer)

I’m an economics and sport management double major at the University of Georgia. I was recently taken on board the coaching staff of Prince Avenue Christian’s high school football program. I’m a lifelong Giants fan currently suffering through the late stages of the Patriot-slaying, goofy-face-making of Eli Manning. The NFL Draft and roster construction are my favorite aspects of the NFL. Since Football Garbage Time took a chance on me 4 years ago as a 15 year old kid, I’ve been able to use this as a platform to learn from some great minds. I hope to one day work in recruiting in a college program, or even make my way up to the NFL level and become a scout! You can find me on Instagram, Twitter (), and LinkedIn.