Sex, Lives and Football (Players): Brock-On Osweiler!

By Joanne Kong

Twitter: @kongfu4u 

It’s an end of an era as Peyton Manning makes his exit from the National Football League.  Manning was a great quarterback.  No one has won more NFL MVP awards.  No one has thrown for more touchdowns (539), or more yards (71,940).  And, no other starting quarterback has won two Super Bowls with two different teams (the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos).

But, this isn’t an article about Peyton Manning.  It’s an article about the man that sat behind Peyton Manning for four years, Brock Osweiler.

Brock Osweiler Instagram re Peyton Manning

Outside of Denver Broncos fans, sports journalists and people working in the industry, the name may be unfamiliar.  Osweiler isn’t seen on commercials.  He hasn’t been offered any endorsement deals.  If you saw him on the street, you might not even recognize him.  But, honestly, how many of us can actually identify NFL players without their uniform?

Osweiler is not known for splashing the headlines with bad-boy antics and he doesn’t have his own charitable foundation (but he often does charity work).  So who is this next wonder-kin to potentially fill Peyton Manning’s shoes?

First, here are some basic facts:

Name: Brock Alan Osweiler

Age: 25 (November 22. 1990)

Born: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Raised: Kalispell, Montana

Height: 6’ 7”

Weight: 240

Arm Length: 33 & 7/8 inches

Hand Size: 9 & 7/8 inches

Drafted: Denver Broncos 2nd Round draft in 2012 NFL Draft

Parents: John and Kathy Osweiler

Sibling: Tanner (Brother)

Wife: Erin Costales

School: Arizona State University – Sun Devils

Major: Sociology and Political Science

Team: Denver Broncos

Position: Quarterback (#17)

And, now let us take a closer look at Brock Osweiler.

1) The Osweiler’s: An American Football Family

Brock’s father, John, stands at six-four and received scholarship offers to play football at Montana and Montana State, but ultimately decided to join the military after high school.  His mother, Kathy, is five-nine.

Brock and Tanner Osweiler

Brock Osweiler’s older brother, Tanner (on the right), is six-three and played college football in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes at Montana Tech in Butte.  Currently, Tanner is a Manager / Outside Salesman at Garden City Paint and Glass in Montana, where he currently resides.

2) Who Is Tanner Osweiler?

Mentioned above, Tanner Osweiler is Brock’s older brother.  But, who is he?  There really isn’t any mention of him in any detail in any materials concerning Brock.  But while scouring the internet for information, I came across some interesting facts.

“TANNER JOHN OSWEILER, a 21-year-old resident of Kalispell, appeared on a charge of receipt of child pornography. He is currently released on special conditions. If convicted of this charge, OSWEILER faces possible penalties of a mandatory minimum of five years in prison and could be sentenced to 20 years, a $250,000 fine and lifetime supervision.”

“A 22-year-old Kalispell man was sentenced Friday in federal court in Missoula to two years in prison for possessing child pornography.  U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy sentenced Tanner Eugene Osweiler to 24 months in prison with 10 years of supervised release and a $100 special assessment.  The sentencing concludes an investigation that culminated in a search of the Kalispell home of Osweiler’s parents in May 2009.”

Tanner Osweiler

It’s unclear whether this is the same person, or even related to Brock Osweiler.  If you look at the picture above and compare to the one from Brock’s album above, though, there certainly appears to be some similarity.  It’s bizarre that these listings, although appearing to be related, also imply that two different Tanner Osweiler’s exist in the same town.  Regardless of what you conclude, the fact that cannot be disputed is that a man named Tanner Osweiler was arraigned and admitted to committing the felony of possession of child pornography.

3) Osweiler Could Have Attended Gonzaga

When Brock Osweiler was in third grade, he had a chart on his bedroom wall with his goals lined-up.

On that list were two specific goals…play Division l Football or Division l Basketball.

At six-seven, Brock Osweiler played football in Montana and traveled to neighboring states to play basketball in the Amateur Athletics Union.  After his freshman year at Flathead High School in Kalispell, Montana, Brock committed to Gonzaga University in Spokane to play basketball.

Brock Osweiler Basketball

Of course, Brock ultimately didn’t go to Gonzaga.

4) Osweiler Scuffles With Anti-Fans, But Manages to Save the Pizza

Some NFL players just seem to generate trouble wherever they are (I’m looking at you, Johnny Football).  But others seem to know how to stay out of trouble, even when it’s in their face.

Brock Osweiler was in Scottsdale, Arizonia (his state of residence) on March 5th to see a friend (Kelley James) perform at the W Hotel.  After the show, Osweiler, wife (Erin) and friends decided to get a late night snack at a local pizza place.  If the story ended there, it’d be pretty boring, even by my standards.  But lucky for us, it didn’t end there.

A group of people who were obvious anti-Osweiler fans (but more likely anti-Broncos fans, because let’s face it, how much can you really hate Brock Osweiler?) spotted Osweiler carrying out his pizza and began heckling him.  He ignored them, gathered his group and headed towards his waiting vehicle.  One female heckler decided to confront Erin, but Osweiler quickly gave the anti-fan a stiff arm, protecting his wife.  That’s when things got (kind of) interesting.  Another heckler pushed Osweiler in the back into the waiting vehicle, but Osweiler didn’t retaliate (although his friends wanted too).  He held his friends back and quickly ushered them into the vehicle.

No one was arrested and no charges were pressed.

Did I mention that Osweiler still had the pizza when he got into the car?  Well played, Brock.  That’s what I call a successful late night food run.

5) Osweiler Might Have Some Options (Besides the Denver Broncos)

With Peyton Manning’s announced retirement, Osweiler has gained attention from the press.  Although Osweiler has been offered a 3-year 45-million-plus-dollar contract by the Denver Broncos, the specifics have yet to be laid out.  $45-million is a lot of money, but without knowing how much of the amount is guaranteed and how much is incentive based, it’s just a number.

The skittish reaction from the Broncos organization is not surprising after watching Osweiler on the field.

Osweiler has warmed the bench since being drafted in 2012, learning and watching and doing whatever back-up quarterbacks do while waiting for their opportunity (which appears to me to consist primarily of holding a clipboard while wearing a baseball cap on the sidelines and occasionally half-heartedly high-fiving nearby players when something good happens on the field).  Just ask Aaron Rodgers, he did the same thing sitting behind Brett Favre.

In week 10 of the 2015 season against the Kansas City Chiefs, Osweiler took the field after Peyton Manning was taken out of the game due to injury.  With the Broncos losing 0-22, Osweiler threw for 146 yards and one touchdown.  The Broncos ultimately lost 29-13, but analyst thought Osweiler showed talent and the Broncos organization was looking at a bright future.  Week 11, against the Chicago Bears, Osweiler made his first start, winning 17-15.

Brock Osweiler Broncos

Osweiler won five out of the seven regular season games he started in 2015.  But, let’s not forget the dominance of the 2015 Denver Broncos defense.  During the latter half of the season, concerns arose regarding Osweiler’s ability to close games as he ultimately ceded the starting QB position back to Peyton Manning and finished the season with only mediocre numbers.

With Osweiler “officially” entering free agency on March 9th, there isn’t a lack of interest.  The Houston Texans are said to have reached out to talk with Osweiler’s agent, Jimmy Sexton.

6) Erin Christine Osweiler

Erin Christine Osweiler

There’s not much known about Brock’s wife, Erin Osweiler.  Erin is known to do a lot of local charity work in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona and for helping Brock Osweiler memorize his plays.

Most recently, the couple spent Christmas morning at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children delivering gifts.

The two got married on February 28, 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona near the 18th hole in a golf club.

Erin and Brock Osweiler

7) Osweiler Wants to “Live Life To Its Fullest,” or Does He?

You’ll never see Osweiler in a wife beater or short sleeves on the professional arena.  Don’t believe me?  Do a search.

Brock and Peyton

But what you will find is a little bit about Brock’s tattoos.  In an of themselves, tattoos aren’t terrible interesting (unless you go completely overboard like Colin Kaepernick), but Brock’s tattoos are actually a little bit more interesting.  Like many athletes, Osweiler sports a few tattoos:

Brock Osweiler Tattoo 1

Osweiler’s right arm reads, “Leave Your Legacy.”

Brock Osweiler Tattoo 2

His left arm reads, “Live Life To It’s Fullest.”

Soooo, I guess he wants to “Live Life To It Is Fullest”?  Osweiler obviously didn’t realize the mistake, or he just didn’t care while playing at Arizona State University.

What’s puzzling is that Osweiler could easily have the apostrophe removed with laser treatment.  But then again, we all know that fixing grammar on a tattoo is pretty low on a poor college student’s priority list, probably somewhere below “buy more mac & cheese packs” and “get another dozen watered down Keystone Lights”.

8) Osweiler Has A Doppelganger?

Have you ever met someone, and they say…”Has anyone told you, you look just like…so and so?”

Most of the time, the resemblance is minimal.  But, then there are times the resemblance is mind-blowing.

9) Osweiler Meets the Simpsons

Yup, this is how private he is.  The next most exciting thing I could find about him is that he took this picture with a life-size Simpsons display.  Hooray.

Brock Osweiler and the Simpsons


With a shortage of skilled players in the quarterback position in free agency, Osweiler is a viable commodity and worthy risk for any team to wager.  In 2015, Osweiler threw for 1,967 yards and 10 touchdowns, adding 61 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown.  Osweiler is one of many NFL players that live a quiet life rather than in the limelight.  But that might soon change once he takes center stage as an NFL starting quarterback in 2016.