Injuries & Oddities: Super Bowl Update 1

Lot’s of news flying before the Super Bowl.  Who has time to read it all?  Let us condense the important news on Injuries & Oddities for you (I think this picture by Bobby Pierson says it all):

Jackalope001 (1)

What?  The picture isn’t good enough?  OK, then how about this:

Richard Sherman – 

After spraining his left elbow in the fourth quarter against the Packers, there’s been much speculation regarding whether Mr. Chunky Soup would be at full strength for the Super Bowl.  Outlets reported that Sherman was “practicing in full” from January 22 and that hasn’t changed.  On this past Sunday, Pete Carroll stated that “Richard practiced in all the practices, and he looks to be fine,” further commenting that “[h]e still has an elbow to take care of, but he’s practiced well.”  In fact, Sherman, when asked if he wanted Brady and the Patriots to test his elbow, answered “I hope so, I’ve been able to move it a lot better than I did earlier.”  It’s still a big question mark though, as anyone who saw Sherman cradling his left elbow in the end of the fourth quarter against the Packers noticed he looked less like himself and more like the one-armed man that Harrison Ford was chasing in “The Fugitive”.


Earl Thomas – 

Earl Thomas proved during the NFC Championship game why you and I could never play football as he played through a dislocated shoulder.  He sat out practice on January 22, but resumed practice on January 23 and never looked back.  This past Sunday, Pete Carroll stated that “Earl practiced yesterday, the day before and got the last day of practice in and looked fine.”  When asked about it, Thomas stated: “Since I was a kid, every time I got hurt I always came back in the game.  I remember I played third base on my all-star baseball team and there was a weird ground ball that hit me in the mouth. I had braces at the time. My lip got stuck to the braces and I had to go to the emergency room. My dad said, ‘Do you want to go back and play?’ I was like, ‘Of course.’ This is me. I love competing. I am just glad we are reliving our dreams. It feels like a movie.”  Let’s hope that movie wasn’t “Inception” and we’re not all just in a dream of a dream of a…whatever.  I still don’t get it.


Marshawn Lynch – 

Apparently, Lynch may have some jock itch or something, since he keeps making a particular “obscene gesture” after scoring touchdowns (which, by the way, the NFL fined, but also sold a picture of for $150 — way to be consistent!  In the NFL’s defense, once they were caught, they totally said “Whoopsie Doodle” and removed it from the shop).  Apparently, Lynch better be like John Madden and get some tough actin’ Tenactin ready, because if he does it again, according to ESPN, he’s going to get a 15 yard penalty.  That’s a real “personal foul”…


Tom Brady –

Other than an aversion to fully inflated footballs, according to the Boston Herald, Tom Brady also apparently has a cold.  Pretty sure Brady can pull a Drew Brees, take some NyQuil/DayQuil combo and be ready for the game.


Check back as we get more injury and oddity updates before the Super Bowl!!




By Ha Kung Wong

Twitter: @FBGarbageTime