Injuries & Oddities: Super Bowl Update 2

Hey, thanks for reading my last Injuries & Oddities update!  And if you haven’t read it, c’mon man, go read it right now.  I spent a lot of time on that.  I’ll wait.

OK, so now that you’re back, here’s another edition of Injuries & Oddities for you condensed into another picture by contributing artist, Bobby Pierson:


What?  The picture STILL isn’t good enough?  OK, then how about this:

Richard Sherman – 

NBC Sports Photo

NBC Sports Photo

Uh oh, this looks like trouble.  ESPN’s Ed Werder reported that Richard Sherman has torn ligaments in his elbow, but that Sherman is “improving daily,” and “finished with treatment.”  As we noted last time, Sherman hasn’t missed a practice yet, so perhaps this isn’t anything to worry about.  In addition, in the Seahawks official injury report, Sherman was listed as probable.  Doesn’t say much about Sherman’s range of motion, but looks like he’s going to play.

Earl Thomas – 

Earl Thomas played through a dislocated shoulder and sat out practice on January 22, but resumed practice on January 23 and onward.  Pete Carroll also didn’t seem concerned about Thomas playing the big game, but the official injury report has Thomas with the dubious distinction of being the only Seahawks player to be listed as questionable.

Tom Brady –

ESPN Photo

ESPN Photo

With all the torn ligaments and separated limbs out there, we almost have to snicker when we hear about Tom Brady’s cold.  But hey, colds can suck, we all know it.  And there are some particularly bad ones going around right now.  Plus, if Brady sneezes on the ball, perhaps Blount, Gray and Vareen would be more likely to fumble as it might be harder to hang on to the ball.  Or perhaps Edelman or Gronk are hyperchondriacs and don’t like to touch diseased footballs.  Who knows?  It’s kind of the opposite of, say, deflating the balls, which would make it easier to handle.  Not that anyone would do that, mind you.

Brady said during an interview Wednesday morning that he was given the plague by his family, but didn’t seem concerned:

“I’ve had it for four to five days, my kids got sick and my wife’s pretty sick right now.  I brought it, unfortunately, to Phoenix, but I’ll be fine. I’ll be good.”

And if you were wondering what this looked like, just check out the incredibly accurate artist rendition sketched out by resident contributing artist, Bobby Pierson, at the top of this article.  I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how it happened.

And besides, Brady said he will be getting some rest and eating garlic to help recover from his cold, which ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio confirmed was an old remedy that his mother used (i.e. adding garlic to the tomato sauce during the winter to keep from getting sick).  I’m sure she did it because it tasted good too, but who am I to disagree with Sal?  I’m just a guy on a site with garbage in the name.  Regardless, Brady was listed as probable with a minor ankle injury (not a cold) in the Patriots’ official injury report.  Of course, if we go by the Patriots’ official injury report, Brady has been injured and probable for like 5 years straight.  Way to be transparent, New England.

The Rest of the Patriots

And here’s who else that’s listed as questionable on the Patriots’ official injury report:

Brandon Browner (knee)

Dont’a Hightower (shoulder)

Chris Jones (elbow)

Brandon LaFell (shoulder/toe)

Sealver Siliga (foot)

Bryan Stork (knee)

Check back as we get more Injury and Oddity updates before the Super Bowl!!


By Ha Kung Wong

Twitter: @FBGarbageTime