Sex, Lives & Football (Players): Gronk U Very Much

Ever wanted to know more about the personal lives of football players?  If you’re as much of a stalker as I am, sure you do.

So let start with the famous inventor of the “Gronk Smash” himself, Rob Gronkowski.

You might hate the New England Patriots, but you can’t hate Rob Gronkowski.  I dare you to try.

In case you didn’t know, Gronkowski is a tight-end (#87) for the Patriots.  He played college football for the University of Arizona, and was selected by the Patriots in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Here are some additional facts:

Full name: Robert Paxton “Rob” Gronkowski.
Nickname: “Gronk”.  Or “Awesome Butt”.  Actually, I’m the only one that calls him that.
Siblings: 4 brothers
Age: 25 (May 14th, 1989)
2015 Salary: $9 Million
Years in the NFL: 5
40-yard Dash time: 4.65 sec
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 265
Underwear: Yes

And here are some interesting things you might not have known:

1) Gronkowski is inspirational.

Gronkowski was the inspiration behind “A Gronking to Remember”,  an erotic novel by Lacey Noonan about a housewife who discovers football and a sexual appetite for Rob Gronkowski.  I kid you not.  He got a copy at Super Bowl Media Day and even read a passage out loud.  You know you hit the big time when when erotic fan fiction is being written about you.

2) Gronkowski loves kittens.

CBS Sports Photo

CBS Sports Photo

Enough said.

3) Gronkowski loves food.

Gronkowski had a cameo on TOP CHEF Boston, judging (yup you guessed it) polish sausage.   And by polish sausage, I mean the food.  Get your head out of the gutter.  He helped judge the quick fire challenge in his own lovable and manly way.

Bravo TV Photo

Bravo TV Photo

Gronkowski also made an appearance on Wahlburgers in 2014, an AE reality show about the Wahlberg family restaurant in Massachusetts.  The restaurant is currently featuring “the Gronk Burger.”  It’s a ½ lb. of buffalo chicken breast, homemade blue cheese dressing, fresh carrot and celery slaw, jalapeno slices, lettuce and tomato on a “Gronk” size bun.  I am so hungry right now.

Gronk Burger

4) Gronkowski loves to dance.

Even after the Super Bowl, Grownkowski spent some time dancing at the Hollywood night clubs.

5) Gronkowski knows how to spike a ball.

And, roses.

Earlier this week on Monday night (2/2/2015), outside of DBA nightclub in Hollywood, Gronkowski was given some roses, which he proceeded to spike on the ground.

Gronk Spike RosesGronk Spike Roses 2

Oh, and he also ripped his pants that night.  Not that I care, just thought you wanted to know.

6) Gronkowski loves to give back to the community.

So what kind of a woman could win Gronkowski’s heart?  Well, his current love-life is unclear.  But his last known, and maybe current relationship (but, I’m fairly certain they are no longer together) was ex-porn star Bibi Jones. Photo Photo Photo Photo












Real Name: Britney Maclin
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Age: 23 (Jul 23, 1991)
Previous occupation: Bibi Jones debuted as a stripper in Phoenix, Arizona.  At the age of 19, Jones became the youngest adult film star to be signed by Digital Playground.  Jones retired from the adult film industry in 2012.
# of Adult Films: 45
# of Boyfriends Nicknamed “Awesome Butt”: 1

So now you know!

What makes Gronk tick?  Kittens, community and at least one porn star.

By Joanne Kong