Bubbling Over with Excitement: Bubbles Picks the Super Bowl Winner!

Want to know who’s going to win Super Bowl XLIX?

It’s a complicated formula of stats, injury reports, wind direction, grass condition, temperature, mood swings and the probability of ‘allegedly’ tampered equipment. But, who has time? We have to go to work, feed the kids and walk the dog…you get what I mean…we’re busy people.

You could watch hours of experts discussing who will win and why.

Instead, take the word of Bubbles the Elephant. Not only is Bubbles BFF with Janet Jackson (Bubbles stared in Janet Jackson’s Together Again video in 1997), she’s also a YOUTUBE sensation.

Yes, she also has her own Facebook page.

AND she also does predictions.

No, she can’t tell you if your going to get a new job, a promotion or getting married this year, but she can predict the winner of Super Bowl XLIX (maybe)…and the winner is…

Well, before the prediction is revealed, you should know in Super Bowl XLV (Green Bay Packers v. Pittsburgh Steelers) Bubbles predicted the Green Bay Packers would win.

The Packers won 31-25 and Aaron Rodgers was the MVP.

In Super Bowl XLVI (New York Giants v. New England Patriots), Tamani – 6 year-old male African elephant in Tampa Lowery Park Zoo – predicted a Giants victory.  And what do you know, the Giants won – 21-17 – with Eli Manning as the MVP.

Obviously, elephants have a knack for this stuff.

So without further to do, here is Bubble’s prediction!

Spoiler Alert: Bubbles the Elephant selected the New England Patriots.  Sorry Pete Carroll.


By Joanne Kong