“What’s Your Deal?…with Cub? – Oops, COVID? Did It Again?‍♂️ Edition” by Joanne Kong (Comic)

By Joanne Kong Baby Yoda Twitter: @kongfu4u .@NFL Statement on @Steelers–@Titans Game: https://t.co/YkZO4mRR3i pic.twitter.com/22izbzSrlS — NFL345 (@NFL345) October 1, 2020 .@NFL Statement on @Patriots–@Chiefs Game: https://t.co/KqIhZKKrb3 pic.twitter.com/81X1fkEYEz — NFL345 (@NFL345) October 3, 2020

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“What’s Your Deal?…with Cub – Phantom Call Edition!” by Joanne Kong (Comic)

By Joanne Kong Twitter: @kongfu4u Vincent said the “foul wasn’t there” after reviewing tape of the second illegal hands to the face penalty and that it is not the kind of call you want to see officials make.https://t.co/b4DB0eLiZl — SNF on NBC (@SNFonNBC) October 15, 2019

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