It’s White & Gold, Damn it!: Why We Watch the NFL

Who here looked up #TheDress and decided they had to pick a side? White & Gold or Blue & Black?  Whether you did or not, if you type in #TheDress on Twitter, you’ll see thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of comments, memes, and criticisms about this crazy Dress.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s just a sampling of what’s been happening: I

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Sex, Lives & Football (Players): Is Romo Ono?

Well, I hoped you enjoyed getting to know Mr. Gronkowski a little better.  And after discussing the boisterous, media attracting and sometimes controversial Gronk, perhaps we now turn to someone who’s a little more of a nice guy — Mr. Tony Romo. Admit it, when you saw the ESPN commercial with Tony Romo working as the receptionist, you thought “Yeah, I could

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Who is That Guy? Bet You Can’t ID Players! – Part 1

After watching part of the AP NFL Awards at the NFL Honors in Arizona, I realized how few players I recognized when they didn’t have their names plastered on their back.  So I started thinking, how many players could you identify out of uniform? Well, lets play “Identify the Player”! (Play intro music in your head) Are you good with

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