Best 2024 NFL Schedule Release Videos

By Ha Kung Wong

Twitter/X: @FBGarbageTime

It’s time for the release of the 2024 NFL Schedule, but who cares about the matchups?  We’ll see all that during the actual season.  Instead, let’s focus on what matters — Schedule Release Videos. I honestly can’t remember when it started, but it’s definitely been several years now and some of them have amazing production value.  And quite frankly, many of them were more entertaining than the team’s actual season (I’m looking at you Chicago Bears).  So, let’s take a look at the top seven 2024 NFL Schedule Release videos!  Why seven?  I wish I had a better reason, but I’m just too lazy to get to ten.  Enjoy!

#7 – Philadelphia Eagles

Everyone knows that Eagles fans are borderline crazy, so the Eagles leaning into it and pairing real Eagles fans with a psychologist is absolutely brilliant.

#6 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Dad Jokes are bad.  Dad Jokes based on puns are even worse.  But trying to get James “Deebo” Harrison to laugh with bad Dad Jokes based on puns is hilarious.  Harrisons asks in the video “That was funny to you?”  Yes James Harrison, it was.

#5 – New England Patriots

A “Beautiful Mind” and Gronk?  This basically makes itself.

#4 – Atlanta Falcons

I love 90’s arcade games, and that definitely includes NBA Jam and NFL Blitz, so if the Falcons want to make their version of NBA Jam + NFL Blitz for their schedule release, I’m there for it.  Where’s my quarters?

#3 – Washington Commanders

So perhaps it’s just me, but I love “Is It Cake?” on Netflix.  Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous as no one in their right mind wants a cake that looks exactly like a shoe, a plant or a phone.  Definitely not a phone, trust me on this one.  But that being said, it’s so much fun trying to figure out what’s cake and what’s not cake (and I really liked the cat).

#2 – Chicago Bears

I’m a sucker for “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.  I mean it has Matthew Broderick, a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder and Abe Frohman, the Sausage King of Chicago.  What’s there not to love?  Did you also catch the lines from “Mean Girls”, the detention scene from “The Breakfast Club”, a “Home Alone” reference to Kevin McAllister, and of course that move from “Risky Business”?  Add in the Bears and Caleb Williams coming in for “Freshman Year” and I’m hooked.

#1 – Tennessee Titans

So fun when regular people get asked questions about football.  Particularly when they get them wrong in hysterical ways.  I loved this last year and I love it again.  Enjoy.