12 Men On the Field

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By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

1. Top 5 Power Rankings
  • 1. Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2. Oakland Raiders
  • 3. Atlanta Falcons
  • 4. Denver Broncos
  • 5. New England Patriots
2. Ezekiel Elliot is a loser.

Clear attitude on and off the field from OSU to now in the Pros. He needs an attitude adjustment, and he needs one now.

3. Fantasy Alert!

I’m all in on Chris Carson in Seattle. He’s far and away their best back, he can run and catch, and he’s been productive.

4. Sorry not sorry.

The Max Kellerman’s and you (I assume the majority of you hate the Patriots) will just have to keep waiting for the proverbial cliff for Brady and this Dynasty. The Patriots beauty is not just in all their winning, but how they respond after a loss. And wow did they respond.

5. This Denver defense is scary.

With the third best rushing defense in football, it appears they fixed this issue from last season. While they sit at 17th against the pass and 6th overall, they played two good offensive teams. Both with good WR’s, RB’s and top ten QB’s. Lets see how they fare on the road in Buffalo this weekend.

6. Upset Alert!

Let me contradict my last point and take Buffalo straight up this weekend. Trap game. Going MT to EST, coming off playing two tough teams, Buffalo will be rocking and Siemian comes back down to Earth.

7. The Raiders.

I like this team a lot. I’ll be honest, I didn’t buy into Lynch helping them. 32, took a year off, he can’t be the same guy. Wrong, he is. I still don’t love their defense, but I think they are a scary team. They go 3-0 this weekend.

8. The beat up Patriots will survive Houston this weekend.

This spread is stupid. 14.5 favorites? No way! Gronk is questionable, Dorsett, Hogan, Amendola, and Hightower are all dealing with ailments. Marcus Cannon may be out, thrusting Cam Flemming to starting RT. Nate Solder has been bad to this point. And Houston played them well last year in the postseason. Pats squeak this one out.

9. The 3 best games on this weekend:
  • Buccaneers @ Vikings.
  • Seahawks @ Titans.
  • Falcons @ Lions. Appointment Viewing.
10. Aaron Hernandez Autopsy reveals CTE.

Family is now suing the league and the Patriots. What a joke. CTE is real, and it is urgent issue in the NFL. But so far only one player with it has “allegedly” murdered 3 people. It was a Hernandez problem not a CTE problem.

11. Fantasy advice.

The Paul Perkins experiment is over. Drop him and go grab Chris Carson or Alvin Kamara. And bench TY Hilton until further notice, if you can. No chemistry with Jacoby Brissett. Pray Andrew Luck is back soon.

12. The Giants are done.

2017 is over. That offense is a mess, and i don’t care what Eli said today. McAdoo calling him out publicly is a huge red flag. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Cliches galore.