Vince Wilfork – Breaking New Ground For Defensive Linemen!

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

The easy highlight of last years HBO “Hard Knocks”, was big Vince Wilfork in his overalls parading around. A pair of overalls, by the way, which left very little to the imagination. This year, however, Vince Wilfork has appeared on ESPN’s Body Issue and has left even less up to the imagination.

Vince Wilfork ESPN

Maybe it’s my Patriots bias for a long time New England great, but I love Vince Wilfork doing this. There is a huge movement in our country to accept all types of body types, and this extends to men as well as women.

Trash Talk - Vince Wilfork

So Vince, cheers to you for standing up for all the down trodden, multi-millionaire, defensive linemen out there!

Illustration by Howard Vives