Football Garbage Time Staff Fantasy Football Fallout

So we’ve come to end of another Fantasy Football Season.

Some of you might be playing into Week 17, and for those of you who are, enjoy it.  But most of us are celebrating insightful late draft picks and waiver grabs or lamenting studs who let us down and the many injuries that plagued this NFL season.  And we here at Football Garbage Time, are no exception.

Earlier this year, in an effort to help all of you win your fantasy football leagues, the staff here conducted a Mock Fantasy Football Draft (Rounds 1 & 2 and 3 & 4) and then conducted an actual draft where we competed among ourselves in a custom 10-team head-to-head 2 Quarterback league with an added half point per reception.  In total, each team each week had to field 2 Quarterbacks, 2 Running Backs, 2 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight End, 1 WR/RB/TE Flex, 1 Kicker and 1 Defense/Special Teams.

So now we’ll show you the results of our league and discuss what we liked and didn’t like about our teams throughout the season.  Questions?  Feel free to fire away!

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Football Garbage Time Staff Fantasy Football League

— Ha Kung Wong, Editor-in-Chief

The 2015 Football Garbage Time Staff Fantasy Football League Results

FGT League Final Standings


FGT Two Cool Dudes v CoolHandLuke Kuechly

1st Place

Team: Two Cool Dudes

Owner: Joanne Kong

As league champion, I’d just like to say that it was 95% me.  Saddled with quarterback and running back issues in the beginning, I’d started the season 0-5, but finished 7-6.

Worst Draft Pick – Andrew Luck (QB) (1st).  Disappointing.  Need I say more.  Luck played a total of 7 games this season, which left me with a valuable slot occupied by a non-contributing player and no quarterback for 9 weeks.  When Luck did take the field, he threw for 1,881 yards, 15 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and a total of 168.84 fantasy points.  Scrambling for quarterback options placed me in a difficult position, especially in a two quarterback league.  I had also drafted Marcus Mariota and Teddy Bridgewater…neither of which remained on my team during the course of the season.

Best Draft Pick – Brandon Marshall (WR) (6th).  In his first season with the Jets, Marshall totaled 101 receptions, 1376 receiving yards, 13 touchdowns ( a career high) and 262.10 fantasy points.  The 10th year veteran is looking at one of his best seasons in the league and a chance at the post season.

2nd Place

Team: CoolHandLuke Kuechly

Owner: Robert Knarr

Like all fantasy seasons, I had a few hits and a few misses with my draft picks.  Fortunately, I seemed to succeed more often than I failed and made a few key pickups.  Bortles is the player on my team with the most points, and I didn’t even draft him.  He finished as the third best quarterback.  I didn’t reap all the rewards though, since I picked him up about halfway through.  My most successful pick was definitely Antonio Brown, although he let me down in the finals.  He was my first pick and finished as the top wide receiver.  Jeremy Hill performed alright, but probably wasn’t quite worth the value of the 11th overall choice.  He finished as the 19th RB.  Olsen was another solid pick.  I snagged him all the way down in the 6th round and he put up the 4th highest points for a TE.  Brees was also moderately successful as my 3rd pick.  Finally, Amari Cooper provided solid value for my 8th pick, but faded down the stretch.

Now, onto my failures, Cooks actually put up decent numbers for my 4th pick, but was horrible for the first half of the season.  Then, I stopped playing him and he started doing well.  This is the kind of player that’s infuriating and often works against you despite good overall numbers.  The bottom half of my draft I dropped most of the players.  However, one name sticks out who I shouldn’t have dropped, Devonta Freeman.  I picked him in the 11th round, but dropped him before he blew up.  He finished as the top running back in less than a full season.  This especially hurt, because I ended up short on running back, because Carlos Hyde disappointed.  Carlos Hyde was probably my other biggest failure.  He put up 75 points and was my 5th pick.

3rd Place

Team: Un-BEAR-Able

Owner: Ha Kung Wong

Unlike some of the others, my team requires serious maintenance after the draft.  Six of my first eight draft picks were complete busts either due to injury (Le’Veon Bell, Kelvin Benjamin and Keenan Allen), just plain underperformance (Rashad Jennings) or both (Peyton Manning and Andre Ellington).  So I had a lot of work to do.

Which explains why the most important players on my team were all waiver wire pickups, including Tim Hightower, Charcandrick West, Matt Stafford and DeAngelo Williams.  In fact, I’m pretty happy I ended up this well after such a terrible draft.  That’s not to say there wasn’t some luck involved as well, as Matt Stafford’s second half comeback made up for Peyton Manning underperforming most of the season, as there were very few options on the waiver wire for QB in 2 QB leagues.

What I learned, though, is that there are significant advantages lots of extra RBs when you have an offensive flex position in a PPR league, as they’re value is almost higher than the equivalent WR, and they’re much more useful during bye weeks as there are far less available.  That’s why I grabbed the above RBs off waivers and also took Buck Allen when he got the starting job in Baltimore.

Well, there’s always next year!

4th Place

Team: David Boston Biceps

Owner: Michael Pattison

5th Place

Team: JKLMNO’s Fine Team

Owner: John Kirkland

Best player – DeAndre Hopkins

Worst player – CJ Anderson

I didn’t draft any of these players … Yahoo did. But overall I really like Hopkins and I hate CJ. In fact I generally hate drafting running backs early especially those that are super hyped up because more often than not I find they are a bust. I always go wide receiver in the early rounds. And in the years I have won first or third place in my fantasy leagues it has always been with running backs I picked up off of the waiver wire … So as you can imagine I hated the team yahoo drafted for me this year (with both Melvin Gordon and CJ Anderson being awful) and I didn’t win. Next year I’ll be back – and I’ll actually draft my team! Booh yah fgtime peeps.

6th Place

Team: FXP

Owner: Scott King

Best pick – Allen Robinson.   He had a slow start but came on strong and really finished the year as a top fantasy WR.  With Bortles at QB, Robinson will be a top 10 fantasy WR for many years to come.

Worst pick – Aaron Rodgers.  With the top overall pick Rodgers was supposed to dominate fantasy.  That didn’t happen.  The Packers offense struggled down the stretch led by Rodgers not getting it done.  The Hail Mary against the Lions was the highlight of his season.  He ended up a top 10 fantasy QB, but he was still a disappointment.

7th Place

Team: Jason’s Cool Team

Owner: Jason Johnson

8th Place

Team: Dez-ination Unkown

Owner: Ryan Whitfield

9th Place

Team: JPP’s 10th Finger

Owner: Joey Alibro

10th Place

Team: Anon’s Amazing Team

Owner: Bobby Pierson