The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: NFL Preseason Week 3

By Joey Alibro

Twitter: @joeyalibro

The Good

1) Do you remember the sketch of Tom Brady from his first day in court a couple weeks ago? Well, the same sketch artist took another stab at drawing the 4-time Super Bowl winning quarterback. As you can see, they did at least minutely better the second time around. That’s not the only good thing that happened this week involving the Patriots and Tom Brady, of course. Because the league and Brady didn’t reach a settlement, they met again in court on Monday. After almost 8 months of this thing dragging out for no good reason, Deflategate could finally end within the next two days. While obviously the decision made by Judge Berman won’t be good for everyone, the real winners are the fans who are sick and tired of hearing about this crap and are just waiting for the regular season to finally start.

2) On the football side of things this week, the Eagles’ Sam Bradford showed what he’s made of coming off of two ACL tears. With a 157.1 passer rating, Bradford scorched the Packers for three touchdowns on 10 completions in as many attempts for 121 yards. The already dynamic Chip Kelly offense could be taken to a whole other level under Bradford along with the one-two punch of Murray and Matthews in the backfield.

The Bad

1) After I bragged about him in last week’s edition, Jameis Winston disappointed the Bucs in their rehearsal game this past weekend against the Browns. Tampa never really got going and neither did Winston, who went 6 of 15 for 90 yards and one pick. Hopefully, this poor play doesn’t translate over to his first regular season start because, if that’s the case, it’ll be a long season in Tampa.

The Ugly

1) Somehow things have gotten worse in Washington over the past week. Last week I mentioned that RGIII had gotten hurt (yeah, again), but the bad part was that it looked as if Jay Gruden was leaving him in the game longer intentionally. Anyway, earlier this week, the team announced that Kirk Cousins would be the starter for 2015 prompting a wide range of rumors from an RGIII trade to him being outright cut. However, in a hasty clean up job, Jay Gruden said that the oft-injured quarterback was still a part of the team’s plans… for now. This would be the second coaching regime that has had a problem with the Subway spokesman, which is not a good look. To make things worse, Griffin reportedly liked a comment on Instagram that completely bashed the Redskins, which, if true, is not cool and very childish. With all this drama even before the first snap of the season you could definitely expect another crappy year. Sorry Redskins fans.

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