GarbageTalk: Following Up On Jason Pierre-Paul: Why The Media Sucks

By John Kirkland

Twitter: @FBGarbageTalk

After writing about JPP’s off-season contract issues with the NY Giants and the possibility of  being traded away here, the Fourth of July happened, and well, JPP had an incident with a fire cracker and so I thought it time to follow up … on how much the main street media sucks.

Not soon after it was reported that Pierre-Paul went to the hospital, we saw the media jump on him calling him “irresponsible,” “dumb,” “stupid” … and everything under the sun.  We even heard about the Giants supposedly pulling his long term contract offer.  While presented under the guise of “reporting,” it’s the media that’s irresponsible and dumb … for jumping to conclusions and for characterizing something they know nothing about.

While everyone knows the great danger that fireworks pose, it’s also very well known that people love their fireworks.  And it’s even more thrilling to have your own firework show … it’s not like JPP was doing something out of the ordinary.

In any event, days after the incident, we see that “surprise” the Giants have not pulled JPP’s long term contract offer.  And more surprise, Pierre-Paul’s hand may not be that bad … he might have some nerve damage in one finger.  So, all that bad reporting just gets tossed aside, except people are left with the impression that JPP is just immature and dumb, which is just not true.  He’s worked hard to get to the level … and a little hand injury isn’t going to deter JPP from getting paid.  See this Instagram post … the proof’s in the puddin’.

And so yes, I believe that JPP will be playing at the beginning of the season … for the NY Giants … while making at least 14.8 million.  BOOM!

Cheers America!