Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

1st Down

Here we go again, DeflateGate. I’m so worn out and sick of this topic, but it’s the big news so here’s this week’s take. Brady destroying his phone is a panic move, a panic move that just further points to guilt. My fellow Patriot’s fans put down the pitch fork’s and torches… they, and he, did it. Every step of the way we have lost every battle here. Yes, he was over-punished, but he isn’t innocent. Take the punishment or a settlement if we can, and move on. Any real sports fan will know that this was an equipment violation and not on the same level as PEDs. It’s more akin to a pitcher using bull frog for better grip. But, we’ll never win this argument. For the millionth time, just embrace it and celebrate being better than other teams.

2nd Down

Not much else to say here but congratulations to three people who have bigger issues to deal with than Football. To Devin and Leah Still — congratulations on Leah’s new cancer free status. And to Eric Berry, one of my favorite players in the game, congratulations for your winning battle as well, can’t wait to see you back on the field.

3rd Down

Dear Geno Smith, being considered one of the worst starting QB’s in football two years in a row is not funny. Have some fire, some fight and some passion. Put a chip on your shoulder and battle to shut us all up. The only funny thing here…is you.

4th Down

NFC Wild Cards

Wild Card 1 – The only thing crazier than me predicting the Cardinals to snatch the division from Seattle this year is leaving Seattle out of the post season all together. Since last week Cam Chancellor joined the growing coalition of Seahawks players wanting more money. But even still, come on I’m not that crazy. Seahawks go 12-4 and take the top seeded playoff spot.

Wild Card 2 – Second wild card goes to the Eagles beating out the Giants. NFC East will be good this year with the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants battling at the top. Of course this means I’m gambling big time on Sam Bradford staying healthy like my last name was Kelly. But hey, if you do the rain dance long enough eventually it rains. Right, Sam?

  1. Packers – 13-3
  2. Cardinals – 12-4
  3. Cowboys – 11-5 vs. 6. Eagles – 10-6
  4. Falcons – 10-6 vs. 5. Seahawks – 12-4