SB MEDIA DAY: What we found out about the Seahawks… – Marshawn Lynch

Um…there wasn’t much from Marshawn Lynch’s 4 and half minutes.  This is what we learned… 1) He’s just there so he doesn’t get fined. 2) He’s just there so he doesn’t get fined “boss”. 3) He has cool sunglasses. 4) Someone told him he was sexy and he replied “You’re sexy too.” 5) He has a nice smile. 6) Even Deion Sanders

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Bubbling Over with Excitement: Bubbles Picks the Super Bowl Winner!

Want to know who’s going to win Super Bowl XLIX? It’s a complicated formula of stats, injury reports, wind direction, grass condition, temperature, mood swings and the probability of ‘allegedly’ tampered equipment. But, who has time? We have to go to work, feed the kids and walk the dog…you get what I mean…we’re busy people. You could watch hours of

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