2016 Week 14 NFL Picks

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

If you followed last year, you won over 60% of your picks, and we aim to do even better this year.  We’re off to a decent start, so without further to do, here we go:

Week 14 Games


Ha Kung Wong’s Picks


Ha Kung’s Thoughts:

As I mention every week, copy my picks and you can thank me later.  So my Week 13 wasn’t as good as my three previous weeks, and I’m sure Ryan will rattle on about that, but I’m still 116-74 (61.1%).  I think we all know who the real NFL Pick Guru is around these parts.

Also, just because we love competition here at Football Garbage Time, we’re once again going heads up against Wally, Will and Ray at Urban Sports Scene on our NFL Picks.  And the Urban Sports Scene gang manage to slightly edge us in Week 13, leaving us at 5-2-3 against them for the season.

They’re awesome competitors, and they KNOW their sports, so keep it tuned in, to both us and them, because we’ll be picking all season all long!

Scott King’s Picks


Joanne Kong’s Picks


Joanne Kong’s Thoughts:

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Dallas Cowboys (11-1) @ New York Giants (8-4)

If anyone can beat the Dallas Cowboys, it’s the New York Giants.  Why?  Because they’ve done it once already.  Okay…so it was in week 1 of the season and it was the first time rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott and rookie running back, Ezekiel Elliott, took the field in the NFL.

Since then, the Cowboys have gone undefeated.

The Giants can’t say that.

The Cowboys lead the league in wins, not just the NFC.

The Giants can’t say that.

The Cowboys have only gotten better throughout the season.

The Giants have not…but, they were on a six-game winning streak before losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 13.

As a Giants fan, its hard for me to say, but I’m amazed that they’ve won so many games.  Somehow, Eli just gets it done.  The good news, Manning has only been sacked 15 times this season.  The bad news, he’s thrown 12 interceptions.  That’s topped only by Blake Bortles (14), Philip Rivers (14), Ryan Fitzpatrick (14), and Brock Osweiler (13).

Eli Manning

Eli Manning

And, need I mention three of these teams are sitting in the bottom of their division?  The one exception, the Texans, are 6-6, tied for first in the AFC South, but that’s no great shake either and really a topic for an entirely different article.

Can the New York Giants win?

  • The Giants have home field advantage.

They are 5-1 at home.

  • The Giants need to contain the Cowboys Run Game.

It’s plausible.  Ezekiel Elliott leads the league in rushing yards (1285) and has 12 rushing touchdowns.  The Giants have allowed the 5th least rushing yards per game (91.4).  In week 13, the Minnesota Vikings held Elliott to 86 rushing yards and a touchdown, losing by only 2 points (15-17).  It was the worst the Cowboys have looked all season, including the week 1 loss.

  • Giants Need to Get the offense moving.

This is easier said than done.

The Giants had a top-10 offense in both 2014 and 2015 when current head coach, Ben McAdoo, was the offensive coordinator.  This year, the Giants are rank 26th.  Maybe McAdoo should demote himself.

The Giants basically get it done every week with a lot of Manning to OBJ.  And they’ll need a lot more of that in week 14.  The Cowboys have the 4th worst pass defense in the league, allowing 276.3 yards per game.  Or course, the Giants have the 8th worst pass defense (allowing 265.3 yards per game).  But, I digress.  Dropped passes can’t happen if the Giants want a chance to win.

The Giants ground game has been bleak this season, as Rashad Jennings production has been mediocre at best, with just 414 total rushing yards and 2 touchdowns.  Unfortunately, week 14 won’t be any easier.  The Cowboys defense has allowed the second least rushing yards this season, allowing only 82.3 yards per game.

What can we expect in Week 14?

The New York Giants win?

Jason Johnson’s Picks

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Ryan Whitfield’s Picks


Ryan Whitfield’s Thoughts:

Oh Ha Kung, I don’t even need to tell the people anymore about your spotty record. We let our numbers make the statement.

KC, in Arrowhead. Sorry Oakland this one goes to KC.

Two young streaking teams going down the same week? Yup. Sorry Dallas, the Giants bounce back this week in a big prime time home game.

Green Bay and Rodgers expose the Earl Thomas-less Seahawks.

Monday night will be a rivalry renewed in Foxborough with the Patriots sneaking out a close 27-24 win.

Joey Alibro’s Picks

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