Even Geena Davis Couldn’t Have Been This Bad: How to Fix the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Have you seen “Cutthroat Island”?  If you haven’t, please don’t. You see, “Cutthroat Island” was supposed to be an adventurous romp through the high seas with a badass female pirate.  Problem was that badass pirate was played by Geena Davis.  Yes, that’s the same Geena Davis from “Thelma & Louise” and “A League of Their Own”.  Nothing against Geena Davis, but frankly,

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Cleveland Isn’t Just a Cartoon Character: Major Off Season Issues for the Browns – Part 2

So I said last week in Part 1 that I was going to discuss Jordan Cameron and the TE position this time.  Well, we’ll get to that, but it turns out that the Cleveland Browns had a pretty tumultuous week. OMJ – Oh My Josh It’s now been confirmed that Josh Gordon has been suspended for “at least” a year.  Theoretically, he can petition

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