Boom or Bust for the Denver Broncos…Again – Part 1

How many NFL teams go into the season aiming for the championship?  32. Unfortunately, only two teams will ultimately play in the Super Bowl and only one can stand victorious. So where does the road to the championship begin? Generally, after discussions within the organization, a plan is devised (whether that involves a new coaching staff, players, etc.) for free-agency

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Is This Sequel Worth Watching?: Rob Housler and the Cleveland Browns

Everyone loves sequels.  But perhaps only before they’re released. Let’s take for instance my favorite “sequel” to hate (although technically a prequel), Star Wars.  Of course, I’m not referring to Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi, I’m referring to the prequel trilogy, and in particular, The Phantom Menace. When the movie was announced, I was ecstatic.  I mean,

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Best Ranked Wide Receivers in NFL Free Agency

Most of the notable wide receivers in NFL Free Agency have signed on to new teams, including Jeremy Maclin, Andre Johnson, Eddie Royal, Harry Douglas, Michael Crabtree and Denarius Moore.  And some, like Randall Cobb, returned to their previous home.  But there are a few noteworthy wide receivers left, including some from the first ever NFL Veteran Combine. So let

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