GarbageTalk: Is Tom Benson an Imbecile, Is He Insane Or Is He Mad?

Benson’s step-daughter (Rita), and Benson’s grand-kids (Renee and Ryan) believe he is one of the three.  How do I know?  Let me explain. As you may know, and as I reported here, Tom Benson’s step-child and her children requested that a court in New Orleans order that Tom Benson undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he is competent to

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GarbageTalk: A Family Feud – What’s Going To Happen To Benson’s Billions

As you may know, currently ongoing in San Antonio is a legal proceeding regarding Tom Benson, billionaire owner of the New Orleans Saints, regarding control over his many assets.  On one side you have Tom’s child Renee and her two children Rita and Ryan, who once played significant roles in the Saints’ organization.  On the other side is Tom’s third

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