Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Recent First Round Quarterback Busts in the NFL

Do you remember Ryan Leaf? Let’s time travel back to 1998. Leaf comes in 3rd for the Heisman Trophy, behind runner-up Peyton Manning and winner defensive back Charles Woodson.  Leaf finishes his junior year at Washington State University, forgoing his senior year to enter into the NFL draft.  Manning, finishing a degree in Speech Communications in 3-years, returned to the

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Cleveland Isn’t Just a Cartoon Character: Major Off Season Issues for the Browns – Part 2

So I said last week in Part 1 that I was going to discuss Jordan Cameron and the TE position this time.  Well, we’ll get to that, but it turns out that the Cleveland Browns had a pretty tumultuous week. OMJ – Oh My Josh It’s now been confirmed that Josh Gordon has been suspended for “at least” a year.  Theoretically, he can petition

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Wait, Cleveland isn’t Just a Cartoon Character?: Major Off Season Issues for the Browns – Part 1

Sometimes a spin off is awesome.  Like Fraser for instance.  And sometimes there’s the Cleveland Show. Yes, not everyone loves the “Family Guy”, but it does have a certain formula that, if nothing else, is consistent.  So if you like consistently random jokes concerning a fat man’s family, that include a talking dog and talking baby, interspersed with random cutaways

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