Animals Predicting Super Bowl LII: WTF???

By Joanne Kong

Twitter: @kongfu4u  Tom Brady Car

We all have our favorite teams.  Unfortunately, only two teams are in the Super Bowl, leaving fans of thirty teams to jump on the bandwagon.  You have to root for someone, and most of us will probably be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles (whether we want to or not), primarily because nobody (except New England fans) want to see Tom Brady and the Patriots win…again.

Want to know who’s going to win Super Bowl LII?

It’s a complicated formula of stats, injury reports, grass condition, dome temperature and perhaps mood swings. But, who has time? We have to go to work, feed the kids, walk the dog, take a nap…you get what I mean…we’re busy people.

You could watch hours of experts discussing who will win and why.  Or you could just watch a random animal pick the winner.

And since you’re so busy, I compiled a bunch of them here just for you.  That’s just the type of person I am.  You’re welcome.

(1)  A Sting Ray at Moody Gardens in Texas chose…

…the Philadelphia Eagles.

(2)  Teddy Bear the Porcupine, who holds a 5-1 record of predicting Super Bowl winners, has chosen…

…the New England Patriots.

(3)  Bubbles the Elephant predicts…

…the Philadelphia Eagles.

(4)  A Tiger at the Myrtle Beach Safari predicted the winner will be…

…the Philadelphia Eagles.

(5)  Vali the Chimpanzee at the Myrtle Beach Safari predicted the winner to be….

…the New England Patriots.

(6)  April the Giraffe from Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, the once internet sensation who had 1.2 million people watch her live birth, decided that the winner would be…

…the New England Patriots.

And last but not least…

(7)  Ahren the Eagle at the Myrtle Beach Safari predicted the winner to be…

…the Philadelphia Eagles.  Typical.  Seems biased though.

So, it’s 4-3 for the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl LII.  At least according to a bunch of random animals.  Looks like their not underdogs after all.

Happy Watching.

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