Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

1st Down

I wrote an article a few months ago regarding Russell Wilson’s contract situation. He arbitrarily threw out a 25$ million per year number in an interview the other day, and Michael Bennett has been vocalizing the idea of holding out. Uh oh Seattle, this is why modern dynasties struggle to exist in today’s NFL — time to get creative.

2nd Down

It took just two years to investigate, charge, try and convict Aaron Hernandez. It’s taking Goodell 6 months to investigate, report, hear an appeal and make a decision on the guilt in a, wait; dun dun duuunnnn; football deflating scandal. The definition of integrity!

3rd Down

Brett Farve…Shut UP! It’s over! You aren’t important anymore. You were a good (notice I didn’t say great) quarterback, who threw too many picks, only got one ring, and who embarrassed himself with retirement debacles and dick picks. Fade to black and just sell Wranglers. You were a bum in 2010, so you wouldn’t be better than any QB in the league now.

4th Down

Mike Silver, I never questioned your integrity…but you did try and slight me calling me just a fan! Never heard of FGT? I’m a journalist, c’mon man. But really, you mad bro?

Mike Silver Tweet

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