What to Expect from the Los Angeles Chargers (Yes, the Los Angeles Chargers)

By Jy Gilliard

Twitter: @jyknows

1.  Expect Philip Rivers to be, well…Philip Rivers.

New stadium, new logo, new city, same QB. The 35 year old, in the past 11 seasons, has played in every game for his Chargers. According to ESPN, in 2015, Rivers compiled a career-best in passing yards and completions. Although hard to top that incredible 2015 campaign, he still did pretty well 2016 as he threw for 4,386 yards on a 60.4% completion clip. Although that was coupled with a career-high 21 interceptions, it’s not entirely on Rivers, as the Chargers don’t have the greatest offensive line.

2.  Anthony Lynn – first year head coach

There were an astonishing SIX new NFL head coaches hired this 2017 offseason. Anthony Lynn is one of them. Almost 20 years ago, Lynn was a part of the Denver Broncos back-to-back Super Bowl championship days in the John Elway era. Although a first year head coach, with 16 years of experience as an assistant, Lynn is one of the most intriguing new hires of the offseason. Gregg Rosenthal, Around the NFL editor, ranked Lynn the No. 1 new coach hire of the 2017 offseason, with number 2 being Sean McVay of fellow Los Angeles team, the Rams. Lynn has big shoes to fill because having a Pro Bowl quarterback right off the bat is not an opportunity many first year head coaches get.

3.  Joey Bosa has got to be AN ANIMAL

At Ohio State, Joey Bosa showed us why he would be a force in the league, then showed us why he would be a bust, then showed us why he would be a force again. Bosa was suspended for the first 4 games AND still recorded 10.5 sacks, including the 2 sack performance in a victory against the best statistical offense in the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons. This guy is simply A BEAST. The young 21 year old had a promising first-year campaign and with him joining team workouts, his second year is trending towards a Pro Bowl berth. If the second year is any better than his rookie year, watch out offenses…Bosa is coming.

The NFL draft is swiftly approaching. Tune in Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 8 pm ET to catch the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia, with the Chargers holding the 7th overall pick (of course unless they make a trade).