New City, New Home Field, New QB: Why Jared Goff is a Fit for the Los Angeles Rams

By Nicolis Freeman

Twitter: @NixMix89

With the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NFL draft the Los Angeles Rams took Jared Goff out of California. One could make a case for the fact that nobody knew what the Rams had in mind when they traded the farm for the penthouse come draft day. Was it going to be Goff or Carson Wentz, from North Dakota State? Big time school with the run-and-gun offense or the small school kid who did nothing but win games?

The Intangibles

Here’s why Jared Goff was the smart pick: the Rams needed a California guy — who could play in big games, take some pressure off of the running game and give the franchise a clean face to market in Los Angeles. Clearly you’re not going to grab headlines in Hollywood land with a kid from North Dakota (only Phil Jackson can do that) and with Los Angeles being a star-obsessed town, that’s what you need to survive in this city. The Lakers and the late Dr. Jerry Buss always said to make it in this town you need a star that could put on a show. That’s what Goff gives you. He comes from a big program where he put up impressive numbers (leading the Pac-12 with 4714 passing yards and 43 passing touchdowns in 2015) and can flat-out play. He’s made the Rams relevant in a town where Kobe Bryant retired, the Clippers WERE in the playoffs and the Dodgers are back in the full swing. That’s star power. Now to the X’s and O’s of why this is the best pick for the Rams.

On The Field Impact

With the kind of year Todd Gurley had last year, he’s clearly going to get the Adrian Peterson treatment seeing eight guys stacked in the box every Sunday. What’s the best way to beat that? Someone who can burn the defense with their arm. Plug in Goff and the receiving corps the team is bringing back and you have yourself a nice little game plan come Sunday. Yes, he ran a West Coast Offense at Cal but that doesn’t mean he can’t throw. If the defense thinks the Rams are going to run it every play, you need someone who can get the ball out fast and accurate. Goff strikes again.  Don’t believe me?  Check out his throws at the Combine starting at 41 seconds [Note: You may have to play this clip on YouTube due to NFL restrictions]:

[Editors Note: Also Check out our Scouting Report on Jared Goff].  Take a look at the teams he’s going to be playing against in his division: Arizona, Seattle and San Francisco. Teams with notoriously nasty defenses. He’s going to be put to the test in his rookie season but this is where the big school helps; he’s a game manager and never gets out of playing his game, that’s what you want out of you quarterback.  Keep calm, cool and collected when the lights are on.  As an example of what he can do under pressure, just check out this great 3rd and Goal play against Texas last year (at the 37 second mark):

As a rookie quarterback you really couldn’t ask for a better situation (unless you’re that other Cal QB, Aaron Rodgers, learning from Brett Favre) to start your new journey. Jared Goff has a defense that will keep games close, an established running-back that will take the pressure off and an organization that supports him no matter what. Sometimes it’s not about the players you have but the situation you’re stepping into. Goff is stepping into a nice situation at a very exciting time in the NFL.

Just a fun little fact, the Rams signed Junior Seau’s nephew, Ian Seau, as an undrafted free agent. How cool is it going to be seeing a Seau roaming the Coliseum once again!

Get ready, Los Angeles.  It’s going to be a fun ride.