Football Garbage Time 2016 NFL Draft Round 1 Analysis

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

Well, we made it.

Our Staff did a 2016 Twitter Mock NFL Draft (PART 1 & PART 2), which we updated with the Los Angeles Rams / Tennessee Titans trade and the Philadelphia Eagles / Cleveland Browns trade.

But now we know how the First Round of the 2016 NFL Draft ACTUALLY turned out.  So what did the staff of Football Garbage Time think?  You might be surprised…

– Ha Kung Wong, Editor-In-Chief


Los Angeles Rams Logo 20161. Los Angeles Rams

Jared Goff – QB

  • Interesting choice, though not surprising, as this was probably the worst kept secret in football since the Rams traded up to No. 1.  I still think they should have taken Carson Wentz instead, as I think his pro-style offense experience gives him a better chance to start sooner, where as Goff played almost entirely in a spread offense.
  • Nicolis Freeman – Rams with the number one overall pick selected Jared Goff. No surprise here, they needed a big name quarterback after trading up in the draft. This is the “safe” pick compared to Carson Wentz who would be a little bit more of a gamble. With a new home and new look team, the Rams brass had to make the “classy” pick. He played in a big conference (PAC-12) where a lot of defensive players are coming out of and gives the most “showtime” ready option at No. 1.

Philadelphia Eagles2. Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz – QB

  • As I’ve mentioned, he’s had plenty of experience under center, but had concerns about the lesser competition he faced at North Dakota State.  So sitting behind Sam Bradford, assuming he doesn’t whine his way out of Philly, or that Philly fans don’t knock him out of a game by throwing a battery at his head (you know what I’m talking about, Philly fans), could be helpful for his long term prospects.
  • Bobby Pierson Almost nailed it with Goff, but Wentz isn’t a bad second choice here or in Philadelphia.

san-diego-chargers3. San Diego Chargers 

Joey Bosa – DE

  • Surprised by this pick. The word on the street was that the Chargers were very much in on DL DeForest Buckner or CB Jalen Ramsey, and draft pundits thought that Bosa would slip out of the top 5 or even top 10.  No doubt that Bosa has a motor, but I see him having a ceiling of a Jared Allen more than a J.J. Watt.  And I’m unclear on whether Bosa would fit with the defensive scheme in San Diego.
  • Scott King –

Dallas Cowboy4. Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliot – RB

  • Great pick for the Cowboys.  That offensive line with Elliot will be absolutely solid.  Basically, they’re going back to what they had with DeMarco Murray, and probably should have just found a way to keep him, or reacquire him, but Zeke will be a beast back there all the same, and should help keep pressure off a fragile Romeo. Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris are still in Dallas, so this might be a bit of a crowded backfield, but I’d be surprised if Zeke doesn’t emerge eventually.
  • Ricky Castro –

Jacksonville Jaguars5. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey – CB

  • Great value here, and adding Ramsey to the Jaguars 2015 first round pick Dante Fowler Jr. will just make this defense even more imposing.
  • Joanne Kong – See her complete Jaguars First Round Pick breakdown HERE!

Baltimore Ravens6. Baltimore Ravens

Ronnie Stanley – OT

  • Talk was building for a few days now regarding Stanley’s rise to top OT in the draft, and the shocking Laremy Tunsil “smoking” video that surfaced on his twitter account was clearly helpful to solidify that talk.  The Ravens don’t often pick in these parts, but this was a good one that will keep suddenly fragile QB Joe Flacco upright.

San Francisco 49ers7. San Francisco 49ers

Deforest Buckner – DL

  • Much improved pass rusher and run stopper.  He can get blown off the line at times, but he’s strong addition that can grow with coaching.
  • John Kirkland – All I got is that 49ers went defense, which I predicted … Colin Kaepernick is gonna be their QB (whether announced or not) and they are still in too much turmoil to be a force to be reckoned with in 2016. See you in 2017 49ers. 

Tennessee Titans8. Tennessee Titans (from Cleveland Browns)

Jack Conklin – OT

  • We all knew that the Titans needed a good left tackle.  Conklin is safe and solid and will an immediate starter.  Joanne nailed it when she wrote about the OT need in the draft earlier this offseason, but with all the Laremy Tunsil issues, it ended being Conklin instead.
  • Joanne Kong – See her complete Titans First Round Pick breakdown HERE!

Chicago Bears9. Chicago Bears (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Leonard Floyd – OLB

  • He’s exactly who I thought in my article that the Bears should take in the first round if Jack Conklin wasn’t available.  So there’s not much more I need to say here, except that he’ll be a solid contributor to a defense that needed a boost.

New York Giants10. New York Giants

Eli Apple – CB

  • A little surprising that Vernon Hargreaves wasn’t selected.  Not sure if Apple was the best player available, but he’s still a decent CB and fills a significant need in the Giants secondary.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago Bears)

Vernon Hargreaves III – CB

  • Thought by Draft pundits to be the first or second best CB in the draft, getting him at 11 is a deal for the Bucs.

New Orleans Saints12. New Orleans Saints

Sheldon Rankins – DT

  • Solid defense is something the Saints haven’t had in a while, so building here makes sense.

Miami Dolphin13. Miami Dolphins

Laremy Tunsil – OT

  • He was at one point at time thought to be the first overall talent in the draft, but off field issues and the sudden release of his “smoking” video on Twitter led to his slide out of the top 10 and behind both Stanley and Conklin.  But honestly, this whole “hacked Twitter” thing has made him more sympathetic, especially when you read about how his stepdad, Lindsey Miller, was abusing his mom and how Tunsil stepped in to help her.  We’ll all be watching this one very very closely.
  • Ryan Whitfield – Also see his further analysis HERE.

Oakland Raiders14. Oakland Raiders

Karl Joseph – CB/S

  • The Raiders needed secondary help, and Joseph was the best available CB.  So this makes total sense to me.

2015_Browns_helmet 15. Cleveland Browns (from Tennessee Titans)

Corey Coleman – WR

  • Interesting choice for the Browns.  They certainly need WR help, but I still think they should have spent their early pick on an OT or defensive help.  Or if they needed to go WR, what about Laquon Treadwell?  Time will tell, and trading back made sense, but they could have gotten solid WRs later in the draft.
  • Ricky Castro –

Detroit Lions16. Detroit Lions

Taylor Decker – OT

  • Stafford needs protection, and although I think this is a bit of a reach for Decker, he was the best available OT left.  Very safe pick that should pay dividends immediately.
  • Scott King – The Lions had needs on both sides of the ball heading into the draft last night.  In past years they’ve made some questionable first round picks.  They channeled their inner Patriot by drafting Pettigrew (aka stonehands) and Ebron, both TEs in the first round.  With the new regime in town we were all waiting to see what they would do.  Thankfully, they didn’t channel their inner Millen (aka no clue about football operations guy) and reach for a WR after Calvin Johnson retired.  Instead, they made a very thoughtful and long term pick by taking Decker at OT from Ohio State.  I like the pick for many reasons.  First, like I said, they didn’t reach.  Second, Reiff is not a LT, I never liked that pick at LT and they need to move him to the right side or move on. Decker can shore up RT this year and then see what happens.  The Lions interior line is in pretty good shape, so this pick should help with the running game and protecting Stafford.  In the later rounds, look for them to go for D-Line, Safety and WR.  They should also pickup some more depth at RB or O-line.  For me, I give them a Solid B.

Atlanta Falcons17. Atlanta Falcons

Keanu Neal – S

  • They really need more pass rush, but this wasn’t a bad pick.  Falcons defense could use a boost all over, so Neal still addresses a need.  Thought they would have done better going for Darron Lee.

Indianapolis Colts18. Indianapolis Colts

Ryan Kelly – C

  • Andrew Luck is the most valuable commodity that the Colts have, and other than keeping him upright, they also needed to get him a reliable center.  So taking the best center in the draft is a safe move.
  • Joanne Kong – See her complete Colts First Round Pick breakdown HERE!

Buffalo_Bills_logo19. Buffalo Bills

Shaq Lawson – DE

  • Solid pass rusher that should add some heat to a Bills defense that has been slipping of late.  But I’ve seen tape of Ronnie Stanley shut him down when ND played Clemson during the 2015 season.  There’s still a lingering injury concern, but at 19, it seems to be a value.
  • Ryan Whitfield – Also see his further analysis HERE.

New York Jets20. New York Jets

Darron Lee – OLB

  • Not the best, but very versatile. Can drop into coverage, rush the passer and sniff out and clog run lanes.  There questions regarding the fit in the Jets defense, but his versatility to help find him a home.
  • Ryan Whitfield – See his further analysis HERE.

Houston Texans21. Houston Texans (from Washington Redskins)

Will Fuller – WR

  • We knew that the Texans would take a WR, and adding speed on the outside with Will Fuller makes a ton of sense.  He averaged 45.4 yards per TD reception in 2015 and had the fastest 40 yard dash (4.32 sec.) of any WR in the NFL Combine.
  • Joanne Kong – See her complete Texans First Round Pick breakdown HERE!

Washington Redkins22. Washington Redskins (from Houston Texans)

Josh Doctson – WR

  • Solid and reliable WR option.  Not the fastest, but will be a good option for Kirk Cousins.
  • Ricky Castro –

Minnesota Vikings23. Minnesota Vikings

Laquon Treadwell – WR

  • Great value.  He was listed by some as the best WR in the draft, but has had some injury issues.  He’s explosive downfield, though, and if Teddy Bridgewater can get him the ball, this could be an immediate upgrade.

Cincinatti Bengals24. Cincinnati Bengals

William Jackson III – CB

  • They really needed a WR, but with the big run at picks 21 to 23, going defense instead makes sense.  Long arms and great sense of space makes Jackson a very attractive addition to an inconsistent secondary.

Pittsburgh Steelers25. Pittsburgh Steelers

Artie Burns – CB

  • I personally think Mackenzie Alexander would have been a better CB pick, and that Burns is more of a second round pick, but hey, what do I know?  Burns has a high ceiling, and perhaps the Steelers believe they can coach him up quickly.

Denver Broncos Logo26. Denver Broncos (from Seattle Seahawks)

Paxton Lynch – QB

  • Wow.  So what do you do when you win the Super Bowl, lose Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning, lose your drafted heir apparent QB Brock Osweiler, pick up retread QB Mark Sanchez and sit around wondering how bad your next year will be?  You do something about it… like trading up to 26 to take Paxton Lynch as your next potential franchise QB.  Bold move, but the Broncos didn’t have much choice in light of the weak free agent QB market.  He shouldn’t start right away, but it gives the Broncos faithful something to look forward to.
  • Ricky Castro –

Green Bay Packers27. Green Bay Packers

Kenny Clark – DT

  • With B.J. Raji retiring in the offseason (but who might consider coming back in 2017), the Packers needed defensive line help.  Clark fits the bill and is a sensible, safe pick.

San Francisco 49ers28. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs)

Joshua Garnett – OG

  • WTF???  This I don’t get at all.  He’s not even the highest rated guard in the draft, and would have likely been around in the second or even third round.  If the 49ers wanted to get back into the first round to take a QB, maybe that makes sense.  But this is just a major head scratcher.

Arizona Cardinal29. Arizona Cardinals

Robert Nkemdiche – DT

  • Amazing talent, but off field issues make him a huge question mark.  If they can coach him up to take responsibility for his off field activities, he can be an huge value this late in the first round.
  • Ricky Castro –  Great DT to solidify that Arizona defense. The kid will learn from great vets to contribute.

Carolina Panthers30. Carolina Panthers

Vernon Butler – DT

  • Has speed and can add significant interior pressure to an already solid Panthers defense.  Not a whole lot else needed by the Panthers to repeat next year.

Seattle Seahawks31. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos)

Germain Ifedi – OT

  • He’s probably better as a guard in the NFL than a tackle, but he’s still a solid pick to shore up the O-line in Seattle.  I thought he would slip into the second round, but we all thought the Seahawks would look to build O-line, and the Seahawks already got a little value by trading back.