If You Can’t Laugh, You’ll Cry

By Chris Flagler

Twitter: @TheKai27

The expanse of Silicon Valley was exposed to public outcry against San Francisco 49er’s owner Jed York before the team’s game this Sunday as flying overhead, a banner reading “Jed & 49ers Should Mutually Part Ways” was towed by a circling airplane. An act that sparked the most public, but not first, outcry against the embattled owner was brought to life by the crowdsourced effort of disgruntled 49er faithful. For the formerly great team, Jed York is perhaps only the head of a very long snake of problems.

Perhaps one of the biggest media responses to result from Sunday’s affair came from Comedian Rob Schneider’s Twitter account. It displayed a picture of Jed York with a caption reading “Dear @jedyork I hope you’ve had fun playing GM for your Mom’s 49ers. But it’s not much fun for us. Please resign.”

A sentiment that one would not be hard-pressed to encounter around the Bay Area.

Officiators of week 12’s game against Arizona have been pulled from duty for their incompetence during the game. Quinton Dial was subject to an unfounded roughing penalty, which served to highlight an evening full of unprofessional performance by the referees which served to reinforce the ambient negativity harbored by many surrounding the 2015/2016 NFL Season.

The only place that the 49ers maintained their dignity was on the field, where although they lost the game, they showed potential and flashes of greatness.  Anquan Bolden is still a force of will on offense, and Blaine Gabbert certainly doesn’t resemble his lackluster Jacksonville self. On the ground, Shaun Draughn proved that he can be the workhorse that the 49ers need by putting in a very strong performance.

Many 49er faithful may already be gearing up for a long hard stretch a la the 2000’s following Jed York’s management decisions, along with the team’s poor performance.  One thing is for sure though, there is enough public outcry and media attention to potentially affect change.