Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield

Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE

There are no Four Downs this week…because Tom Brady just threw an 80 yard Touchdown on First Down. So here…we….go….

What an unbelievable day. This will be the most homer-istic article I ever write on here, though I’ll throw out the disclaimer that I do not believe that nothing was going on in the AFC Championship game.

So to start, hahahahahaha. You all thought you had us. You let your blind hatred for this team, this uniform and this man trump your reason. If you take a shot at the KING you better not miss. Sure, we can all use common sense that something was going on and the Brady was aware and that there is no way ball boys would deflate the balls with out orders from Brady. But at the end of the day you didn’t have the evidence.

You had inconclusive evidence and “science”, you had some sketchy but vague texts, and a man who destroyed his phone. But you couldn’t even prove the balls were deflated. There is no text that directly says Tom ordered the deflation. And with no real evidence. Brady can destroy his phone, his car, he’ll, his family photo album if he wants.

But you all just didn’t get it, did you. You focused on what you wanted to happen. You believed Brady was acting guilty so he must be. But let me ask you, when the commissioner commissions an independent report and then sneakily shifts the investigator to his legal council and then evokes attorney client privileges is this not suspicious? When Pash edits the Wells Report and then refuses to be investigated is this not the actions of a deceitful man? And when Goodell changes the language of generally aware to being the ring leader of a conspiracy to deflate balls and equates it to PED’s (which is charge that actually is backed from a medical tests where there is real proof) is this not an insulting attempt to undermine our intelligence? Of course it is, but that didn’t fit your agenda did it.

But guess What….


You lose. It’s over! You won’t win this appeal. You didn’t have enough proof, you overstepped your authority and you went all in on a 3, 7 off suited hand. What up now Michael Silver? Where you at Bob Kravitz? Chris Mortenson, who started this whole thing with an inaccurate tweet he took 6 months to delete, are you gonna comment on today’s news at all and come out of hiding? Kensil….are we still effed? You were all wrong, we win again. Can’t wait to run the score up on everyone who comes across our path of destruction this year. Brady’s Back!