Sex, Lives and Football (Players): To Bear(s) or Not to Bear(s) Jay Cutler

With the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft on April 30th, the Chicago Bears face some hard decisions regarding how to improve on last years record of 5-11.

One of those decisions will be Jay Cutler.  The value of quarterback Jay Cutler has been highly debated.  2015 will be the 1st year into his 7-year contract, valued at $126.7 million dollars.  If Cutler remains on the Chicago Bears roster on March 12th, $10 million of his 2015 salary will be guaranteed.  Which most likely would indicate that Culter will be behind center for at least one more season.

The Bears head office and new head coach John Fox remain non-committal with regard to Jay Cutler’s future, but here is why I think Jay Cutler should remain in Chicago with the Bears, both based on skill and…well, let’s just say other reasons.

Some basic facts:

Age: 31 (4/29/83) – Santa Claus, Indiana

Team: Denver Broncos (2006-2009); Chicago Bears (2009-present)

Position: Quarterback

Years in NFL: 8

40-yard dash: 4.77 seconds

Weight: 225

Height: 6’4”

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Light brown

1) Jay Cutler Played Great Football at Vanderbilt

The NFL has drafted 118 players from Vanderbilt University since 1937.

Among Vanderbilt’s highlighted NFL players are 3-time probowl tackle/guard Will Wilford and 2-time probowl punter Jim Arnold.

While at Vanderbilt, Cutler started as quarterback for 4-years and was voted team captain for 3 of those years.  He set school records for total offense yards (9953), touchdown passes (59), passing yards (8697), pass completions (710), pass attempts (1242) and combined touchdowns (76).

Even though Cutler currently has a less-than-stellar reputation as the Bears’ signal caller, the truth of the matter is that his 2014 season wasn’t so far different from a certain well-liked Mr. Luck.  In fact, both quarterbacks had almost identical completion percentages (Cutler with 66.60% and Luck with 61.70%), and although Cutler has the reputation for being turnover prone, in reality, Cutler and Luck had almost the exact same number of turnovers (Cutler with 24 and Luck with 22).  So why the discrepancy?  Well, turns out, Cutler was sacked almost 1.5 times more than a certain Mr. Luck (38 vs. 27).  So let’s not put all the blame the former Vanderbilt wonderkid, because his offensive line also let him down and should shoulder some of the blame.

ESPN Photo

ESPN Photo

2) Jay Cutler Graduated in Human and Organizational Development

You might be asking, what is Human and Organizational Development (“HOD”)?  I did.

Turns out that HOD is a major at Vanderbilt University focusing on finding solutions to human problems in organizations and communities, acquiring an understanding of human behavior in groups, organizations and larger systems.  They don’t call it a B.S. Degree for nothing.

With a HOD degree, maneuvering his way within the NFL system (and life) should be a no-brainer.

3) Jay Cutler was a First Round Draft Pick

Cutler was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos in 2006.

In 2009, once rumors turned into a report of a 3-way trade by ESPN, the Bronco’s new head coach released a statement saying that Jay Cutler would definitely not be traded.

Cutler obviously had little faith in the statement.  He put his house up for sale and asked to be traded.

In April 2009, Cutler joined the Chicago Bears.

If you ask me, I think he just preferred the Chicago deep dish pizza over Colorado’s mountain-style pizza.  So he definitely has good taste in pizza.

4) Jay Cutler Totally Believes in Dog Psychics

Cutler’s two dogs, Brando and Bardot, once communicated with a dog psychic.  After emailing the psychic the dogs’ pictures, he waited two months before the psychic requested the dogs be present when she called so she could communicate with the dogs’ spirit.  A skeptical Cutler soon became a believer when the psychic mentioned the dogs communicated about their families potential move, Cutler and Cavallier’s “fast driving”
and cutting back on their food.

Eerie mystical powers?  Or pure coincidence?

And does this dog look possessed to you?

#TBT my little girl, Bardot, 5 years ago

A photo posted by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

5) Jay Cutler was on Television (outside the NFL)

First, Cutler was in a South Park episode while he was still in Denver (South Park: Season 11 Ep. 13 “Guitar Queer-O”).

After the episode aired, Cutler said the following:

“It was cool.  I thought it was funny. They can make fun of me if they want to.”

If you ask me, South Park didn’t really make fun of him.  They captured him to a T.

Second, he was in this hysterical episode of The League along with Kristin Cavallari while he was in Chicago (The League:  Season 5 Ep. 3 “Chulupa vs. The Cutlet”).  If you have doubts about his acting ability, this won’t change your mind, but it’s still totally worth your time to watch it.

Cutler on the League

6) Jay Cutler is “Married with Children”

And I don’t mean in the 80’s sitcom sense.  Jay Cutler married ex-Hills star and Fabulist co-host Kristin Cavallari in 2013.

To add to her resume, Kristin Cavallari was a judge at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant.

People Magazine Photo

People Magazine Photo


The couple has two sons, Camden Jack and Jaxon Wyatt.  According to FXX’s “The League”, Cutler’s children are also known as “cutlets”.  That’s just too awesome.







7) Jay Cutler has a Charity Foundation for Diabetes

Discovered in his 3rd year of the NFL, Jay Cutler started a charity foundation to promote awareness for Type 1 diabetes.  The fact that he was able to overcome this condition himself and excel (in a manner of speaking) in the NFL is testament enough.  But starting a charity to help others with the condition is totally admirable.

Instagram: December 2014 Ugly Sweater party (although there sweaters are not that ugly) to benefit the Jay Cutler Foundation.

Instagram Photo: December 2014 Ugly Sweater party (although their sweaters are not that ugly) to benefit the Jay Cutler Foundation.

8) Jay Cutler DOES have a Personality?

Yes, he does.  Do you remember this commercial?  It sums it up nicely.

Want to get to know Jay Cutler a little better? if you have 51 minutes to spare, click on play.  Be warned, its not all about Jay Cutler.

9) Jay Cutler Can Smile

Yeah, I know we all know him for his pouty expression.  But, yes…Cutler can smile…or at least grin.

Cavallari Instagram

Cavallari Instagram

After a dismal season, the couple took a beach vacation and took a picture poolside in January…thank goodness he wasn’t in the post-season.

Who needs the Pro Bowl…

10) Jay Cutler Loves Selfies (Not Really)

It was a good luck tradition for two weeks.  He went back to hating them after they lost the last five of their 2014 regular season games.

Made Jay take a selfie for the win yaaaay. Sweet stache huh?!

A photo posted by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

11) Jay Cutler can Rock Tube Socks

Jay Cutler dressed the part in a 80’s themed party for the Jay Cutler Foundation.

CBS Sports Photo

CBS Sports Photo

Cutler looks like a real team leader to me in this picture.  A team leader for a dodgeball tournament in gym class, at least.

12) Jay Cutler’s Would Need to Buy a New Sports Wardrobe

We all know how much an NFL jersey, sweat shirt, etc. all add-up.  So if Cutler left, Kristin Cavallari would have to buy a whole new set.  That would suck.  So clearly he shouldn’t leave.

So are you convinced that Jay Cutler should remain with the Bears?

Recently, Jay Cutler has been described as a “renegade” and “rogue” player, playing outside the Bears’ offensive system (and I must say, they’re system is quite offensive).  It’s been said by former coaches and teammates that Jay Cutler cannot lead the team to victory.  They might be right.

This article could have been filled with stats supporting the case for Cutler, but I think getting to know Cutler the “man” is the better argument.

Only time will tell if Cutler is just a tantrum throwing, stand-offish, pouty looking guy who has a great arm (and psychic dogs), or someone who can lead the Bears back to greatness.  But if he doesn’t get a chance next year, we might never find out.

And really, what’s one more year anyway?

By Joanne Kong