“Pete and Repeat Went Into a Store…”

I remember how fun it was to tell those silly riddles when you were a kid (Knock, Knock; Who’s There, Banana; Banana Who?—one of my favorites). Thinking about the super bowl, the one riddle that came to mind was the one that went—Pete and Repeat went into a store; Pete came out; Who was left?; Repeat! If Pete Carroll wants to repeat he needs to repeat the offensive formula that has worked for him this year. That was something the Seahawks struggled with for a lot of the year. What worked was balance—running and passing. Especially when Luke Willson was involved.

We all know Beast Mode is going to bring it on Sunday. But, the Patriots defensive line has stepped up in these playoffs and there will be a focus to stop Lynch from going off. That focus is going to give Luke Willson an opportunity. A big, sure-handed tight end, (don’t be fooled, he is just as tough a match up as Gronkowski is for the Seahawks linebackers) Willson is going to have plenty of downfield opportunities, especially when Russell Wilson extends plays as well as he does. Willson isn’t going to have some out of world state line on Sunday (unless he does, then read this as saying that he will 😉 ) but if Pete wants to Repeat, Willson needs to be a good part of the game plan on Sunday.

By Jason Johnson