Who is That Guy? – Part 2

Like cute cat pictures?  Of course you do, or else you wouldn’t have clicked on my article.  But that’s not what we’re here for today… It’s actually that time again — Time for your favorite game show in article form: “Who is that Guy?” (Start the intro music in your head again) Was it difficult identifying the offensive players in “Who’s that Guy?

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Who is That Guy? Bet You Can’t ID Players! – Part 1

After watching part of the AP NFL Awards at the NFL Honors in Arizona, I realized how few players I recognized when they didn’t have their names plastered on their back.  So I started thinking, how many players could you identify out of uniform? Well, lets play “Identify the Player”! (Play intro music in your head) Are you good with

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Wait, Cleveland isn’t Just a Cartoon Character?: Major Off Season Issues for the Browns – Part 1

Sometimes a spin off is awesome.  Like Fraser for instance.  And sometimes there’s the Cleveland Show. Yes, not everyone loves the “Family Guy”, but it does have a certain formula that, if nothing else, is consistent.  So if you like consistently random jokes concerning a fat man’s family, that include a talking dog and talking baby, interspersed with random cutaways

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