XFL Week 1 – Everything You Don’t Need to Know (Mostly)

By Joanne Kong

Twitter: @KongFu4U

With fanfare, face paint and costumes…fans showed up and were ready for football to continue, even though the NFL season ended.

It looks like the XFL has arrived.  The opening week is over and here are the takeaways (sort of).

  • What Fans Liked About the XFL:

If you know nothing about football, not to worry.  The XFL might be the place to learn.  Although there are a few rule changes, which fans seem to like, the idea of the sport is still the same.  And, eight teams and four games per week is more manageable than 32 teams and 16 games per week.  That’s just math.

  • Standings After Week 1

And you haven’t missed much yet, as you can tell from the standings.

  • 2-Million in Viewership

And you wouldn’t be alone watching it either, as you can see from the debut game viewer numbers.

  • Offensive Player of the Week

Quarterback of the Houston Roughnecks, PJ Walker was named the Star of the Week after a 37-17 win against the LA Wildcats.  WOOOOOO!

  • For the Love of the Game…Or Not

Remember the name Colin Kaepernick?  Well, the XFL certainly did.  They started talks with him a year ago to play for the XFL, but League Commissioner Oliver Luck stated that Kaepernick’s salary demands were “exorbitant.”  Kaepernick has stated several times that he wants to play football.  It can be assumed that he wants to play…but for the right price. By the way, at the age of thirty-two, Kaepernick is still a free agent.  Hmm…I wonder why?

  • Every League Needs Fans

Yes…this happened.  During the New York Guardians game on Sunday, a man managed to get on the field…probably naked.  Security quickly handled the “situation” and escorted the man off the field…in handcuffs.  I guess he really wanted a trip to MetLife Jail a.k.a. the parking lot.

  • Best Locker Room Celebration After Winning the Opener

St. Louis was in need of some football after the Rams decided to go back to Los Angeles.  The St. Louis Battlehawks has filled that void.  The team won their first game and did they celebrate…with some Bud Light Seltzer.  I’m hoping they were a sponsor.  Doesn’t look like they did a great job not spilling.

  • Best Team Entrance – Dallas Renegades

Although the Dallas Renegades lost their home opener to the St. Louis Battlehawks, 9-15, they gave the fans exactly what they wanted with an escort of bikers onto the field.  Mission accomplished, Dallas Renegades.  Who needs the Cowboys and there under-achieving ways?

Check back next week for MORE Things You Don’t Need to Know (Mostly) from Week 2 of the XFL!

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