Week 2 NFL Picks

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

Week 2 Games

Week 2 Games

Ha Kung Wong’s Picks

Week 2 Picks - HKW

Ha Kung’s Thoughts:

San Diego was able to air it out in Week 1, but regardless of what Philip Rivers does in Week 2, Cincy will control the tempo and score with Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard.  Andy Dalton looked better than he did in the preseason, and Tyler Eifert gives him a viable target besides AJ Green.  Cincy will win this one, but just barely.

I’m particularly interested in how preseason favorites like the Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts bounce back from rough first week loses, both to relatively underrated teams in the St. Louis Rams and the Buffalo Bills.  I think the Seahawks figure it out against the Green Bay Packers, who barely beat a terrible Chicago Bears team in Week 1, but the Colts are stymied again, this time by a strong New York Jets Defense and a clock controlling ground game led by Chris Ivory.

Scott King’s Picks

Week 2 Picks - Scott

Scott’s Thoughts:

I know it’s only week 2, but some teams will be able to make some statements this week about their season.  Is Buffalo for real, is Green Bay a favorite in the NFC, are the Broncos and Peyton Manning finished, can Dallas open a big lead in the NFC east?  This week is loaded with important match ups.

Joanne Kong’s Picks

Week 2 Picks - JHK

Joanne’s Thoughts:

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

See Article HERE.

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

The New England Patriots have won 6 out of the last 7 games against the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills had no problem taking the victory in Week 1 against the Indianapolis Colts.  In Week 2, the Bills should win again if they’re able to keep Rob Gronkowski from spiking the ball in the end zone.  Coach Rex Ryan has already said that he would go as far as triple covering Gronk to keep him in check.  The real question is whether even this will be enough.

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater passed for 0 TDs against the San Francisco 49ers, losing 3-20, but Bridgewater had no problem moving the ball downfield, throwing for 231 yards and rushing for 16 yards.  I’m predicting that the Vikings will solve their redzone and goal line issues and win in Week 2.

Houston Texans @ Carolina Panthers

Ryan Mallett might not be considered an elite quarterback, but maybe that’s just because he hasn’t been given a real chance.  Mallett sat on the bench behind Tom Brady for 3 years before being traded to the Texans.  After benching Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mallett was named the starter in week 11 in 2014, taking the Texans to a 23-7 victory over the Cleveland Browns.  The following week, Mallet ripped his pectoral muscle against the Cincinnati Bengals, taking him out for the rest of the season.   In short, a healthy Mallett might have found a long term home with the Texans.  I’m predicting a victory against the Carolina Panthers.

John Kirkland’s Picks

Week 2 Picks - John

John’s Thoughts:

Looking to bounce back from last week with some fundamentals. Like not taking the Patriots and believing that Eli will get his head in the game and not make dumb mistakes! Go G-Men!

Joey Alibro’s Picks

Week 2 Picks - Joey

Jason Johnson’s Picks

Week 2 Picks - Jason

Ryan Whitfield’s Picks

Week 2 picks - Ryan

After a league leading 11 correct picks last week, it’s clear I’m the one you should listen to this week.

Some key games this week. First, I like Kansas City in a route tonight. I’ve been saying for years the Denver defense (and especially Von Miller) are overrated. Peyton Manning is done, there is no velocity on that throw anymore. This will be Brett Favre in 2010 all over again. The end is always so sad. Arrowhead will be rocking and the Chiefs will win big tonight.

I like the Giants to bounce back this week despite that horrendous choke job last Sunday. Atlanta is still a dome team and they’re on the road visiting an angry Tom Coughlin. Giants win 24-17 and cover the spread.

Lastly, I like Oakland at home in a push game against Baltimore. Suggs is the emotional leader and he’s gone. Steve Smith looked old and slow last week, and Joe Flacco (who lives and dies on the big pass) has no downfield target. The Raven’s fortunes may turn when Perriman comes back, but not this week. Oakland 17, Baltimore 14.

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