Week 1 NFL Picks

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

Need help with your Week 1 picks?  Well, the staff of Football Garbage Time is here to help!

We’ll be picking the winners of every game each and every week, just for you!  In addition, we’ll be providing a few thoughts concerning why we chose the way we did.  And we’ll track how we did from week to week to so you can either stand in awe of our prognostication skills, or jeer us for making foolhardy picks.

Yeah, we’re not afraid to go out on a limb.  So here we go!

Week 1 Games

Week 1 Games

Ha Kung Wong’s Picks

HKW Week 1 Pick

Ha Kung’s Thoughts:

There are certainly a lot of questions left to be resolved on a number of teams entering Week 1, but the Patriots and Packers aren’t among them.  Clearly, Tom Brady will have something to prove after overcoming Roger Goodell’s attempt to kibosh his season, and Bill Belichick has been known to run up the score just for the heck of it.  The Steelers look great on offense, but will be missing “The Bell Cow”, Le’Veon Bell, and are untested on defense.  This one will be a shootout, but the Pats are most likely to prevail, even without Brandon LaFell on the field.

As for the Packers, well, hate to say it, but even without Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers and company will be too much for the Bears bottom 5 defense.  It’s sad since I’m a Bears fan, but without Kevin White and with a hobbled Alston Jeffery, there isn’t much hope for Jay Cutler.

The other interesting game for me is the Arizona Cardinals vs. the New Orleans Saints.  New Orleans is remembering the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago and celebrating the city’s resilience.  Although it won’t be a home game, the Saints will have an emotional season opener with this in the background.  In addition, the Saints will want to prove they made the right move trading away TE Jimmy Graham in the off season for C Max Unger.  Unger will be a good anchor for the offensive line and Drew Brees isn’t completely without weapons with breakout candidate Brandin Cooks and veteran Marques Colston available to catch the ball.  The Cardinals defense looked strong in the preseason, but Carson Palmer hasn’t looked sharp coming back from injury, which I think will be the difference in this close game where the Saints edge out the Cardinals.

Scott King’s Picks

Scott's Week 1 Picks

Scott’s Thoughts:

Week one will say a lot about how a team has improved from year to year. Keep an eye on the Jaguars and Raiders games in Week 1. These are two teams that are building for the future. If they win, it’s a sign that they are taking a step forward. If they lose, they’re in for a long season with 4 win ceilings. I’ve taken the Jaguars to win at home and have gone back and forth on the Raiders. As of now, I’m on the Raiders winning at home.

Joanne Kong’s Picks

JHK Week 1 Picks

Joanne’s Thoughts:

Although I hate to pick them over the Steelers, the Patriots have a lot to prove right out of the gate.  Tom Brady is looking for redemption on the field now that he’s achieved it in the court room.  I hope I get this pick wrong.

During the off season, analysts poured over and commented on each teams additions and subtractions to their depth chart.  This is the week where we see the pieces come together.  There’s been alot of buzz about the Buffalo Bill’s, but they will be hard-pressed to defeat Andrew Luck and the Colts this week.  Sorry Rex.

The Miami Dolphins are another team with high expectations.  Ryan Tannehill has a lot to prove with his new contract.  And fans are looking forward to defense domination by Ndamukong Suh.  I’m on board with this revamped team for the win this week against the Washington Redskins.  Kirk Cousins beat out RGIII for the starting Redskins QB spot, need I say more?

Tampa Bay and Tennessee might be the game of the week.  Or at least, the late afternoon game of the week.  The first and second 2015 draft picks will take the field in their first NFL season game and show the world whether they were worth the hype.  Tampa Bay is the favorite, but this week I’m buyin’ the Hawaiian and think Mariota will get his first W.

Teddy Bridgewater is in his second year as an NFL quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.  He’s struggled during the first half of his rookie year, finishing with a 7-9 record, but keep in mind that Adrian Peterson wasn’t there to keep him company in the backfield.  And even without AP, during the second half of the season, the losses were close.  I think Bridgewater has improved during the off season, and predict the Vikings go back to the glory days of Daunte Culpepper, or at least do better than 7-9 for the season.  I’m predicting the Vikings win in their opening week against the 49er’s and their much depleted defense.  Oh, and my fantasy team is depending on it.

John Kirkland’s Picks

John's Week 1 Picks

John’s Thoughts:

Here are my simple rules for the season:

1)      Pick the Giants over whoever they play

2)      Pick anyone playing the Patriots (I don’t care if I’m wrong – it’s the right choice)

3)      Don’t look at what everyone else is doing … go with my gut.

In sum, this week: let’s go Giants and Stillers!

Joey Alibro’s Picks

Joey's Week 1 picks

See Joey’s rundown on the Giants v. Cowboys pick HERE.

Jason Johnson’s Picks

Jason Johnson's Picks Week 1

Ryan Whitfield’s Picks

Ryan Whitfield's Week 1 Picks


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