State of the Union: The San Francisco 49ers

The past several weeks have created a prolific stir amongst the 49ers nation. The vaunted era of Jim Harbaugh has been brought to a close, and longtime Defensive Line Coach Jim Tomsula has been entrusted with the reigns.

Many questions exist as to why Harbaugh’s exodus came to be. After leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance and three NFC Championships in his four years with the team, it would seem that the coach could expect a raise, not a severance discussion.

Jim Tomsula, on the other hand, isn’t stirring up excitement in anyone lately. He has done good work for the 49ers on the defensive side of the ball, but his appointment can’t help but inspire thoughts of organizational politics. Jed York is sure to have a lot riding on the 2015 NFL Season, his only real way to come out clean amongst all the controversy surrounding his recent decisions is to win games.

The organization is in a massive state of change, with overhaul, retirement and trades all having a notable impact on the San Francisco 49ers. With the loss of core veteran players like Frank Gore, Patrick Willis and Chris Culliver, as well as younger names like Chris Borland and Michael Crabtree, San Francisco has some big cleats to fill. Oh, did I mention Justin Smith might retire too?

ESPN Photo

ESPN Photo

Enter Reggie Bush. The former Detroit Lion was signed to the squad on March 18 to join Carlos Hyde in what may turn out to be, barring injury, a seriously explosive force when the Niner’s opt to keep the ball on the ground.

Torrey Smith

In addition to Bush, WR Torrey Smith will be taking the field in red and gold come football season. Offensive replacements have been easier to come by for the 49ers front office, as the large defensive losses have yet to be adequately reinforced. Darnell Dockett was recently signed at the tender age of 34, having had his last Pro Bowl appearance in 2010 and missing the entirety of the 2014 NFL Season with injury.

By Chris Flagler

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