Celebrity Picks for a Super (Hero) Bowl

Who are you cheering for?  New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks?

Have you ever wondered which celebrities will be rooting with you? Or against you?

These teams might be the two most hated teams in the league. But, not for these celebrities.


Macklemore is a Seattle native who attends many Seahawks games, even getting a shout out from Russell Wilson at last year’s Media Day (that might make anyone a Seahawk’s fan).

Joel McHale (a comedian staring in the NBC-cancelled Yahoo-renewed comedy Community) is also a Seattle native. Although he was born in Rome, Italy, Joel is known to profess his love for the team. Before Super Bowl XLVIII, Joel McHale went on “Kelly and Micheal” picking the Seahawks to win (and we know how that turned out). That year, he was even asked to interview Richard Sherman (yeah, that might even make me a fan…if Joel McHale was also involved).

NFL.com Photo

NFL.com Photo

Chris Pratt (staring in NBC’s Park and Recreation, the blockbuster movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” and rumored to be the new Indiana Jones in the Disney reboot) grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington and is proud too be among the “12th Man”. You can take the boy out of Washington State, but you can’t take Washington State out of the boy (at least not completely). Heck, he likes Washington State so much he even married fellow Washington State native, Anna Faris (that girl from the “Scary Movie” parodies). Pratt attended the NFC Championship game and saw the unbelievable come-from-behind win against the Green Bay Packers. And, his recent superhero style rivalry with Chris Evans (Captain America) has sparked a celebrity divide regarding Super Bowl XLIX.


So how did this superhero style rivalry occur?  Well, just blame Chris Evans, who is a Boston native and loves his Patriots (no wonder he’s Captain America).  Here’s the Twitter exchanged that sparked the friendly throw down:

Captain America:
Well, well, well @prattprattpratt, looks like our teams are going into battle. For the next 2 weeks, you are not my friend, you are my enemy
Star Lord:
@ChrisEvans OK. Seahawks win you fly yourself to Seattle, visit @seattlechildrenhospital as Captain America, waving the 12th man flag.
Captain America:
@prattprattpratt I accept. And when the Patriots humiliate your seachickens, I expect Star-Lord to arrive at @chrishaven in a Brady jersey

This, of course, was followed by these pictures posted on Twitter by various persons:

Captain Brady Captain Wilson

Unclear about what’s on the line?  Well, turns out they’re both betting for good causes since the Seattle Children’s Hospital treats children with significant pediatric concerns and Christopher’s Haven is a non-profit organization that provides support for families whose children are receiving out patient pediatric cancer treatment.

And no matter what team your rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday, no one would argue that Chris vs. Chris aren’t both superheroes championing mankind.

Joining Captain America in supporting the New England Patriots are Ben AffleckMatt DamonElton JohnKate HudsonJohn Krasinski (aka That Guy from The Office who is not Steve Carell) and Mark Wahlberg (aka Marky Mark minus the Funky Bunch).

Mark Wahlberg (born and raised in Dorchester, Massachusetts) loves the Patriots so much that several of the players (including Brady, Gronkowski, Ridley and Edelman) will be in the Entourage Movie and Tom Brady will also have a cameo in Ted 2. Wahlberg admitted to having a huge bro-crush on Brady and that he couldn’t look away from Brady’s blue eyes:

“I keep staring into his eyes.  I kept saying his eyes are so blue – bluer than Daytona Beach and Spring Break.”

Ai yai yai.  Perhaps Wahlberg will have a scene in the movie similar to TV Azteca reporter Ines Gomez Mont’s proposal to Brady on Media Day before the 2008 Super Bowl.

One can only hope.

By Joanne Kong

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