2021 FGT Fantasy Football Mock Draft – Rounds 5 & 6

By the Football Garbage Time Staff

As we do every year, we conducted a live Mock Fantasy Football Draft on Twitter (just check out #FGTMockDraft) for a mock PPR standard scoring Yahoo 10-team league (1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K & 1 DEF) so that all of you can get some insight as to who we like for the upcoming 2021 season, and hopefully help all of you with your drafts.

This year, ten different writers & podcasters from six different sites participated, including:

Each one is taking part in a mock draft live over several weeks on Twitter (feel free to check out the back and forth on Twitter by searching for #FGTMockDraft).  What trends and surprises did we see?

First, we discussed the results of Rounds 1 and 2 along with some comments from those who made the picks along with Average Draft Position (ADP), and last week we did the same for Rounds 3 and 4.  This time we turn to Rounds 5 and 6 with comments and ADP as of August 5th as per Fantasy Pros so you can see how we differ from how they’re currently being drafted in PPR leagues.

You can check out the complete six round draft results HERE.

Don’t agree?  Well, it’s a free country, so sound off in the comments!

– Ha Kung Wong, Editor-In-Chief

Joanne Kong

5th Round – Pick 41 – Ja’Marr Chase (WR) [Current ADP: 61.5]

6th Round – Pick 60 – Myles Gaskins (RB) [Current ADP: 47.7]

This is what Joanne had to say about her picks:

Some might find drafting Ja’Marr Chase early in the fifth round too early. But there are a lot of reasons to find the rookie wide receiver from LSU appealing for the 2021 season.

First, Chase will be reunited with his college quarterback, Joe Burrow. Burrow and Chase were a force at LSU. In 2019, Chase had 1,780 receiving yards, with over 200 receiving yards in three separate games, and 20 total touchdowns. The duet went undefeated in the 2019 season, winning the National Championship. The addition of Chase will give Burrow a trusted target on the field.

Second, Chase might not have played during his junior year at LSU, but he did spend his time refining his skills for the NFL combine, and the NFL.

Third, Chase was the fifth pick overall in the 2021 NFL draft, making him the highest selected wide receiver in the draft since Corey Davis, who also went fifth overall in the 2017 NFL draft. Chase’s work ethic is evident and ready to be a top rookie performer in the upcoming season.

Aaron Rodgers was the second highest fantasy scorer in 2020, behind Josh Allen, with 4,299 passing yards, 48 passing touchdowns, 149 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns, totaling 383.26 fantasy points (average of 24 fantasy points).

Rodgers has incentive to be the top quarterback in the league with his reworked contract. With the ability to leave after the 2021 season, Rodgers will most likely use this season to further demonstrate how he can, for the right price, single-handedly help all quarterback hungry teams.

I’m sure many doubt Rodgers ability and commitment at thirty-seven years old and after a tumultuous offseason relationship with management.  But one thing that should never be doubted is Aaron Rodgers arm and accuracy with the football.

Scott King

5th Round – Pick 42 – Josh Allen (QB) [Current ADP: 31.0]

6th Round – Pick 59 – Brandon Aiyuk (WR) [Current ADP: 63.8]

This is what Scott had to say about his picks:

Snagged a top 3 fantasy QB in Josh Allen, who also happens to be my pick for MVP this year.  Breakthrough passing stats plus he averages over 500 rush yards and 8 rushing TDs per season?  Yes, please.

Josh Allen Passing Stats
Year G Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Y/G Rate QBR
2018 12 169 320 52.8 2074 10 12 172.8 67.9 49.8
2019 16 271 461 58.8 3089 20 9 193.1 85.3 49.4
2020* 16 396 572 69.2 4544 37 10 284.0 107.2 81.7
Care 44 836 1353 61.8 9707 67 31 220.6 90.4

Brandon Aiyuk was a sleeper I picked up last season and he’s not getting love in this year’s draft.  He’s a top 10 WR you should pick up late in the draft.

Dan Thury

5th Round – Pick 43 – T.J. Hockenson (TE) [Current ADP: 58.7]

6th Round – Pick 58 – Tee Higgins (WR) [Current ADP: 73.8]

This is what Dan had to say about his picks:

TJ Hockenson – This one felt easy, I’ve been saying this all off-season long that Hockenson has in his range of outcomes as the leader in targets amongst ALL TEs. Detroit lost their Number 1, 2, and 3rd WRs and only added Terrell Williams (hasn’t been relevant in 3 years), Perriman (been a bust throughout his career) and a 4th RD WR in ASB, who doesn’t profile as a number 1 WR, maybe even a number 2. With a coaching and QB change, Hockenson should be inline for a nice season. Only thing keeping him from TE Tier 1, offense of production as the Lions figure to have a bottom 3 offense in the NFL.

Tee Higgins – What can I really say, Bengals are shaping up to be the Dallas of the AFC, meaning lots and lots of passing attempts. The addition of Chase wasn’t ideal for Higgins as it will likely push him to the WR2 spot, but target volume should still be there. Even with the absence of Burrow, Higgins still put up productive weeks. Burrow averaged 40passing attempts per game in 2020, the defense hasn’t drastically improved and the AFC north as a whole has, meaning, The Bengals and Burrow will need to throw just as much, if not more, to keep up with teams. Higgins should smash as a 6th RD, as he could still be the alpha WR in this high-powered Bengals offense in 2021.

Andrew Erickson

5th Round – Pick 44 – Chris Godwin (WR) [Current ADP: 45.3]

6th Round – Pick 57 – Diontae Johnson (WR) [Current ADP: 55.3]

This is what Andrew had to say about his picks:

Chris Godwin and Diontae Johnson are two No. 1 WRs that could easily lead their team in targets.  Perfect picks if taking your starting WRs later in the draft.

Ryan Whitfield

5th Round – Pick 45 – Tyler Lockett (WR) [Current ADP: 54.5]

6th Round – Pick 56 – Lamar Jackson (QB) [Current ADP: 44.8]

Kris Hopper

5th Round – Pick 46 – Cooper Kupp (WR) [Current ADP: 53.7]

4th Round – Pick 55 – Darrell Henderson (RB) [Current ADP: 68.3]

Will Gentile

5th Round – Pick 47 – Kenny Golladay (WR) [Current ADP: 64.3]

6th Round – Pick 54 – Mike Davis (RB) [Current ADP: 53.8]

This is what Will had to say about his picks:

I already regret Kenny Golladay with his hamstring issues, which has him missing several weeks. If healthy for the season, he will get his numbers. Mike Davis has a great chance for upside with Arthur Smith known for running the ball in a talented offense.

Wole Akinso

5th Round – Pick 48 – Kyle Pitts (TE) [Current ADP: 46.3]

6th Round – Pick 53 – Odell Beckham Jr. (WR) [Current ADP: 70.8]

Ha Kung Wong

5th Round – Pick 49 – Amari Cooper (WR) [Current ADP: 43.3]

6th Round – Pick 52 – Kyler Murray (QB) [Current ADP: 39.2]

This is what Ha Kung had to say about his picks:

Yes, Amari Cooper is coming off some minor ankle surgery (which he called a “clean up”), but he shouldn’t miss any time and is set to really take off with Dak Prescott behind center.  Heck, even taking passes from four different quarterbacks last year, Cooper still had his fifth 1,000-yard season that included a career-high 92 receptions.  Plus he’s allegedly dropped a few pounds to get faster.  Will the Cowboys defense improve so that the offense won’t have to work as hard this year?  Probably.  But I suspect the Cowboys offense will still have to pull more than their fair share this year to stay competitive, and Cooper is primed to at minimum hit another 1,000 yard season, which is a steal for the 5th round.

Kyler Murray was already lighting up fantasy football scoreboards with his rush yards and propensity to get downfield fast with the help of pro bowl WR DeAndre Hopkins and upcoming WR Christian Kirk.  With the Cardinals drafting speedster Rondale Moore and signing solid veteran pro bowler AJ Green, those targets got even more enticing.  Plus the Cardinals have a strength of schedule ranked 24th in the NFL, making this a complete no-brainer pick in the 6th round.

Adam Aniba

5th Round – Pick 50 – Mike Evans (WR) [Current ADP: 38.5]

6th Round – Pick 51 – Mark Andrews (TE) [Current ADP: 51.5]

This is what Adam had to say about his picks:

After 7 years, Mike Evans has never finish with less than 1,000 yards in a season. In 2020, Evans scored a career-high 13 touchdowns and finished as the 10th best fantasy football WR in PPR scoring. There’s lots of targets for Tom Brady in Tampa, but I’m betting on Evans to continue his streak.  Plus, getting a solid WR2 in the 5th round is an easy sell.

In 2020, even with missing two weeks, Mark Andrews tied Marquise Brown for most receptions on the Ravens and was the only Raven besides Brown with more than 50 targets.  In addition, his 8.9 yards per target ranks 5th amongst tight ends since he entered the league and his 8.5% touchdown rate is behind only Jared Cook.  Finally, the Ravens adding Sammy Watkins and Rashod Bateman should help draw coverage and provide Andrews more opportunities to break big plays. Add that all up and that’s a solid floor TE with huge upside at a fraction of the cost of the “big names”.

Thanks for following the 7th Annual Football Garbage Time Twitter Fantasy Football Mock Draft!  Good luck with your fantasy football season and keep tuning in for more fantasy football advice all season long!

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