Same Faces, New Places: Quarterbacks With New Teams in 2017

By Jake Smith

Twitter: @jakesmith8897

As the conference championship games are now only a work week away, there’s one thing in common with all four teams left competing for the Super Bowl: Elite Quarterbacks. QB play has been the key for AFC teams this entire decade, and the explosive offense of the Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers revolves entirely around Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers. This should get team execs thinking…what quarterback can get me to the Super Bowl next season? And how about 5 seasons from now? Assuming the 49ers and Jets draft a QB this year, here are some way too early QB offseason predictions.

Tony Romo – Denver Broncos

As many people have speculated, I also believe that Tony Romo is packing his bags to Denver. Romo should be extremely aware that his future in Dallas is over and he should warrant the highest bidding war for a quarterback this offseason. The Broncos could have made the playoffs this year if they had just had that elite level of quarterback like the other powerhouses in the AFC. Unless Peyton Manning decides to stop selling insurance and cashing in Papa John’s checks, Tony Romo is the best chance Denver has to getting back to the Super Bowl.

Trevor Siemian – Buffalo Bills

The second year rookie got to learn how to play quarterback behind one of the greatest to ever play the position. For what I expected out of him at the beginning of the season, Siemian did not perform poorly at all. However, the Broncos can win Super Bowls right now with an upgrade, and they don’t have time to wait on Siemian to develop. The Bills SHOULD clean house and with the firing of the Ryan dimwits, it seems that the Buffalo execs agree with me. Tyrod Taylor (who also exceeded my expectations) was never going to be a top 32 quarterback in the NFL.

Jimmy Garoppolo – Chicago Bears

Garoppolo doesn’t have any more time to waste in his career. He is ready to start in the NFL now, and if Golden Boy Brady is still throwing touchdowns, Jimmy’s going to have to do it with another franchise. The Chicago Bears need almost all of the help they can get right now, and getting as far away as possible from Jay Cutler is what’s going to get the Bears back on track. Acquiring Garoppolo would also allow the Bears to go in a different direction with the 3rd overall pick (Garoppolo would easily be better than any QB in this year’s draft).

Jay Cutler – Houston Texans

If I’m Jay Cutler, I’m begging anyone to sign me. If I’m the Texans, I’m looking for any poor schmuck who can throw a football. A match made in heaven, no? Jay Cutler should be willing to take any amount of money to get to start at quarterback again, and the Texans should probably take a chance on him. They have two other guys who could at least be a safety net for them (albeit perhaps an expensive safety net) if Cutler is a bust. However, Jay Cutler can be great. And the Houston Texans were just average quarterback play away for giving the Patriots a run for a chance at the AFC title last Saturday night. Let Cutler and Osweiler battle it out to see who could best lead them to win the AFC South again in 2017.

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