Cleveland Isn’t Just a Cartoon Character: Major Off Season Issues for the Browns – Part 2

So I said last week in Part 1 that I was going to discuss Jordan Cameron and the TE position this time.  Well, we’ll get to that, but it turns out that the Cleveland Browns had a pretty tumultuous week. OMJ – Oh My Josh It’s now been confirmed that Josh Gordon has been suspended for “at least” a year.  Theoretically, he can petition

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Mental or Mentalist? Results of Staff Super Bowl Predictions

I’m no fan of the Mentalist. Not because I don’t like the show, but because it basically totally rips off one my favorite shows of all time, Psych.  And it isn’t nearly as funny.  The adventures of Shawn and Gus over 8 seasons were not only incredibly amusing, and consisted of some really fun mysteries, but it also helped me develop a

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Super Bowl Breakdown OR How the Seahawks Whiffed

Well, well, a much better Super Bowl as compared to last year.  And what an amazing final 2 minutes as the Patriots and Brady make history.  And if you didn’t catch it during the game, feel free to check out Football Garbage Time’s Special Correspondent, Raghav Kohli, and his live tweets from the Super Bowl!  What a terrific game. It’s a

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