GarbageTalk: With DeflateGate In Our Rearview Mirror, Let’s Talk The Preakness

I’m so sick of DeflateGate. But with Senator Reed chiming in and with Teddy Well’s whiny response, saying he “nailed” Brady and bitching about not having Tom’s phone records (if you really “nailed him, why did your report say he maybe, could’a, might have, ummm, probably had “general” knowledge of “inappropriate” conduct …), I’m sure DeflateGate will not die and

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GarbageTalk: Musing On The NFL’s Cannabis Drug Policy

Shane Ray got caught with “fresh, unsmoked marijuana” three … that’s right three days before the draft leading to immediate speculation that his draft position could drop, costing him millions of dollars Thursday night.  My reaction to this speculation was, really? Apparently Shane was cited for possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.  35 grams is the equivalent of

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GarbageTalk: Chip Kelly, Football Genius Or Dingbat? Let’s Find Out!

Everyone, and particularly the Philadelphia Eagles’ faithful, is sitting on the edge of their seats this offseason, watching Chip Kelly’s roster moves and wondering … what in the hell is this guy doing?  Does he have a master plan that will reflect a savvy football genius (that’s what Eagles’ fans are hoping for) or is he just another run-of-the-mill narcissist

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