Magic 8-Balls Rock: Staff Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

Remember the Magic 8-Ball?  Of course you do. Well, maybe not exactly like Bobby Pierson has sketched for us at the top of this article, but you all certainly remember that crazy gigantic plastic 8-ball, which is clearly at least 3-4 times larger than an actual 8-ball, that you shook up and then gave you a message answering your question

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Injuries & Oddities: Super Bowl Update 2

Hey, thanks for reading my last Injuries & Oddities update!  And if you haven’t read it, c’mon man, go read it right now.  I spent a lot of time on that.  I’ll wait. OK, so now that you’re back, here’s another edition of Injuries & Oddities for you condensed into another picture by contributing artist, Bobby Pierson: What?  The picture STILL isn’t good

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Injuries & Oddities: Super Bowl Update 1

Lot’s of news flying before the Super Bowl.  Who has time to read it all?  Let us condense the important news on Injuries & Oddities for you (I think this picture by Bobby Pierson says it all): What?  The picture isn’t good enough?  OK, then how about this: Richard Sherman –  After spraining his left elbow in the fourth quarter against the

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