Winning Strategies for Free Pokies Guide

When selecting an online game, we think about numerous things. The chosen alternative should be entertaining, funny, profitable, money-making, simple, and match all out ideas. That is why, the majority chooses pokie machines.

It is widely accepted that slots are games of chance. And they say that no strategies can be applied or you can do nothing in order to influence on the course of the rounds. Well, this is not quite it. Check the review and main free pokies features in here, finding out the main tips to follow.

Winners Tips & Tricks: How to Choose Best Pokie Strategy?


There exist multiple helping things to make you a winner of a pokie. Depending on your gambling experience, you are presented with various tricks to use. Gaining more and more trials, you can feel which one to implement now, whether the game is possible to win or not, etc. Here are the leading strategies to get acquainted with.


Below, you are to strike on the best pokie strategies for beginners. Read the descriptions carefully and find out what exactly you can do with the purpose to come out as a successful player, whose name is in the list of the latest winners. A good start always leads to good results.

Baby Steps

Like a baby making slow but confident steps, learning to do something for the first time. A gambler can also act like that! The whole idea of this strategy is that you should gradually increase your bet with each following spin. You start with the minimum and boost the stake in order to reach the hot machine.


This time the whole thing depends on the spin you make. Start with the middle coin value and make a spin. Once the turn is successful, increase the bet for the next twist for one coin. In case you failed and lost the amount, the next spin should be made with one less coin. Making unsuccessful spins 3 times in a row, you end the game.

Play and Run

To find a hot pokie is the aim of the strategy, Let 3 kinds of limits: number of spins, total amount of losses, naked pull. Then, go and try various machines keeping to the principles. As soon as any limit exceeded, quit the game and turn to the next one. Comparing the results, you will understand which title is the hottest.


You again compare the slots, detecting the hot one. Have only 15 coins per pokie and bet increasing the sum. As soon as the coins are over, you can try another machine chosen. Then, you understand which amusement matches you best.


This time, we offer you another alternative. When entering a pokie, start with the minimum bet and slowly increase it with each spin. Reaching the maximum, start decreasing the stake to the lowest amount. That is how you will see whether the machine is hot as soon as possible.

Experts and Pros

Advanced players are presented with a little bit different tip, which is created for those who know what to do. Check the alternative before selecting the final strategy of yours.


So simple and brilliant. Make a spin, in case you win, go ahead making another twist with the same bet. Once you lose, increase the number of betting lines for one. If you succeed this time, go back to the very initial stake. Otherwise, increase the quantity of lines until you win. With this strategy, one prize will cover all the previous failures, for sure.

Bonus Promotions as Way to Improve Skills


It is very important to help newcomers until they get used to the site. That is why, most online casinos render bonuses for their visitors. The promotions may vary in their regulations and kinds. Here are some available for pokies.

No Deposits

The only requirement for you is to create an account. That is it. The rest is on the online gambling house, which is ready to reward you with some free presents. By the way, remember to check whether the bonus is cashable or not.

Free Cash

Only new visitors and members of online casinos tend to be introduced with the surplus dividend. The money will be credited as soon as you end up with the enrollment process. But! The power-up is granted either in a regular way, or for a confined time. If you manage to roll back more until the time expires, you can keep the sum.

Free Spins

This special pay is more convenient for pokie admirers. You are provided with a certain amount of twists, which are totally free. Yet, in order to have some power over the funds, the casino connects the superdividents with one or several fixed machines. You can’t use them on another title, unhappily.


New players may enjoy Extra Spins as a part of Welcome Bonus Package. The min deposit size is mentioned in the terms. Besides, some casinos create unique bounties on new games. That is when, you have a chance to get more twists on a particular new titles.