EDITORIAL: Ryan Whitfield to Michael Silver – Time for a DeflateGate Debate!

Disclaimer: This article contains the opinions of writer Ryan Whitfield and not those of FootballGarbageTime.com.   Last week while preparing my last article on DeflateGate, I ended up posting a string of tweets on the notion that Brady was soon to be suspended. I was prompted by several tweets from one Michael Silver and during my “rant” tweeted at him

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GarbageTalk: With DeflateGate In Our Rearview Mirror, Let’s Talk The Preakness

I’m so sick of DeflateGate. But with Senator Reed chiming in and with Teddy Well’s whiny response, saying he “nailed” Brady and bitching about not having Tom’s phone records (if you really “nailed him, why did your report say he maybe, could’a, might have, ummm, probably had “general” knowledge of “inappropriate” conduct …), I’m sure DeflateGate will not die and

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Winning With Arya Stark: Potential Impact Undrafted Free Agents

Who isn’t rooting for Arya Stark? I suspect those of you who don’t watch Game of Thrones aren’t, basically because…well…you have no idea who I’m talking about.  But of all of you who DO watch Game of Thrones, it’s hard not to want Arya Stark to succeed.  And don’t worry, it’s cool to be a Game of Thrones fan.  Heck, even

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