Eminem Likes Mike & Ikes: What the Seahawks Need to do to Win the Super Bowl – Part 1

Six Flags Amusement Parks are great. And I don’t only mean that they’re great because they like to use the word “great” in their park names (a la “Great Adventure” and “Great America” among many others). No, I also mean that they’re great places to visit. That is, they’re great places to visit if you’re a fan of obscure Warner

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GarbageTalk: The Patriot’s Strategy To Beat The Seahawks Is Baby Oil

Deflategate in this football fan’s eyes was pure comedy. Basically we heard Belichick and Brady bob and weave through reporter questions giving political-sounding answers akin to those given by Bill Clinton when answering questions about Monica Lewinsky … “I’ve never had sexual relations with that woman.” Um, OK Bill. Define “sexual relations” for me. Anyway, with Deflategate winding down, the

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