Tag, You’re It! Who got Franchise and Transition Tagged in the NFL

Don’t have time to catch up on all the NFL franchise and transition tags today?  Well, let Football Garbage Time do it for you! Demaryius Thomas – Exclusive Franchise Tag As predicted, Demaryius Thomas was franchise tagged by the Broncos.  Looks like they have some work to do on Julius Thomas, though.  Just in case you’re not aware, using the

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House of Tags: Which Wide Receivers will get the NFL Franchise Tag?

I’m sure you probably filled most of your weekend with episodes from Season 3 of “House of Cards”.  And if you didn’t, why not?  Do you hate enjoying an awesome series?  Do you reside under a rock that doesn’t have internet?  I mean, I understand living under a rock, but no internet?  That’s barbaric. Regardless, if you don’t watch “House

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The NFL’s Punishment Problem or What to Do with Greg Hardy

This week, the NFL was handed another reprimand for its handling of a player conduct issue.  Adrian Peterson’s case is just another example of the NFL’s inconsistent and haphazard rulings that do more to create tension with its players than it does to develop a consistent and firm message on how to address players’ off the field actions.  I believe

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