My Life Needs Franchise Tags: Franchise Tag 101 & Who Was Tagged in 2016

By Ha Kung Wong Twitter: @FBGarbageTime Sometimes I wish my life was handled like an NFL football team. For instance, the use of tags each year in the NFL (exclusive franchise, non-exclusive franchise and transition tags) all allow football teams to maintain continuity and parity by retaining essential free agent players that might be looking to go elsewhere.  And I

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Ram Man or Rams Fan?: How to Fix the Los Angeles Rams – Part 1

By Ha Kung Wong Twitter: @FBGarbageTime Well, Ram fans, you got a lot coming your way. And I don’t mean fans of Ram Man of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” fame, I’m talking about fans of the newly minted Los Angeles Rams.  Wait, you haven’t heard of Ram Man?  Well, perhaps this fantastic commercial from the 1980’s will

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