King Kong, Angry Daddy and Crying Baby – Don’t Leave Us!

The proud history of the NFC North is often remembered for stoic faces like Lombardi, Grant, Ditka, Payton, Charter and Sanders.  When Joe Kapp climbed his way out of the Canadian Football League to be branded by Sports Illustrated as, “The Toughest Chicano” it was because of grit and determination.  Barry Sanders had an indomitable spirit that refused to let

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Recent First Round Quarterback Busts in the NFL

Do you remember Ryan Leaf? Let’s time travel back to 1998. Leaf comes in 3rd for the Heisman Trophy, behind runner-up Peyton Manning and winner defensive back Charles Woodson.  Leaf finishes his junior year at Washington State University, forgoing his senior year to enter into the NFL draft.  Manning, finishing a degree in Speech Communications in 3-years, returned to the

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