Four Down Territory

By Ryan Whitfield Twitter: @RyanWhitfieldNE Hope everyone’s having a great week. This is the second installment of Four Down Territory, and this week I’m talking Football Documentaries, NFL Network’s Top 100 List, making a bold prediction, and of course I have to comment on JPP’s colossal *bleep* up. Enjoy, and leave comments to argue with me. 1st Down NFL Top

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A Lott to Do About Nothing: JPP & Ronnie Lott Have Something in Common

By Ha Kung Wong Twitter: @FBGarbageTime Jason Pierre-Paul has right index finger amputated (via @Rapsheet): — NFL (@NFL) July 8, 2015 Be truthful. When you first saw that Jason Pierre-Paul decided to amputate his index finger to speed up recovery, you thought you were in some weird parallel universe where losing body parts somehow made you a better

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Did the Dallas Cowboys get Run DMC…or Bum DMC?

By Ha Kung Wong Twitter: @FBGarbageTime Run DMC. Sure, they’re one of my favorite music groups of the 1980’s.  But it also refers the perennial underachieving running back, Darren McFadden. Why underachieving?  Well, just look at what he did while at Arkansas. In his final year alone, he totaled 1994 total yards (1830 yards rushing and 164 yards receiving), 17 total touchdowns, won

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