One Team’s Trash Can Be Another Team’s Treasure: Deep Thoughts on Richie Incognito – Part 2

As I noted last time, Richie Incognito is no saint, but if we compare him to… Aaron Hernandez (25-years old), former tight-end for the New England Patriots, is currently standing trial for murder. Sam Hurd (29-years old), former wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, was sentenced to 15 years after being convicted on federal drug-trafficking charges. Darren Sharper (39-years old),

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Is One Team’s Trash Another Team’s Treasure?: Deep Thoughts on Richie Incognito – Part 1

After a five year stint with the New York Jets at his first head coaching job, Rex Ryan was hired as the new head coach for the Buffalo Bills.  Choosing to ignore the criticism and potential backlash, one of Ryan’s first decisions as head coach was to sign offensive lineman Richie Incognito. Rex Ryan is known for giving washed-out players

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Who is That Guy? Bet You Can’t ID Players! – Part 1

After watching part of the AP NFL Awards at the NFL Honors in Arizona, I realized how few players I recognized when they didn’t have their names plastered on their back.  So I started thinking, how many players could you identify out of uniform? Well, lets play “Identify the Player”! (Play intro music in your head) Are you good with

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